Light Blue And White Geometric Oversized Modern Contemporary Rug 11847

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Size: 15 ft 5 in x 21 ft 6 in (4.7 m x 6.55 m)

Beautifully Decorative Moroccan Inspired Light Blue And White Color Allover Geometric Design Oversized Modern Contemporary Area Rug, Country Of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – This gorgeous modern oversized geometric rug has a light and airy feel that will give the room a cozy and calming ambience. Blue is a color that designers turn to when they want to create a feeling of calm and serenity within the space. The geometric design of this alluring modern rug creates rhythm and balance. This unique combination of design elements allows the oversized area rug to be used in a formal space to give it a more casual and inviting field.

This Central Asian rugs has the look of brushed denim that gives it a West Coast style feel. The design is based on the classic, vintage rugs that were created by the Moroccan Berber rug weavers of the Atlas Mountains. These original Moroccan rugs became popular during the middle part of the 20th century , and today they continue to inspire modern designers with their ability to bridge primitive cultures with the modern world. This contrast is one of the elements that gives them their charm and has allowed them to remain design favorites through many decades.

Seldom were the vintage rugs from Morocco that inspired this piece over eight feet across due to the limited size of the looms that were available. One advantage of this modern collection is that you can have the beautiful designs and styles of Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs only in a space that is more appropriate for modern contemporary art architectural styles. This is a gorgeous piece that will allow you to accessorize it in a number of ways to express your unique personality.

The light blue background and light cream white geometric modern Moroccan style rug has a tribal field that could easily fit into a Boho chic design, and the gentle blue would also make it perfect for a coastal style room. It has the feeling of sky and sea, which allows you to incorporate elements of the natural world into the design. Anyway you look at it, this piece is a gorgeous rug that is the perfect inspiration for creating a space that is as unique as you.

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