Blue Oversized Modern Oriental Traditional Indian Agra Rug 72158

Original price was: $42,000.00.Current price is: $29,400.00.

Size: 15 ft x 24 ft 9 in (4.57 m x 7.54 m)
Style: Agra Rugs

Timelessly Beautiful Traditional Oriental Oversized Modern Indian Agra Rug, Origin: India, Circa: Modern – This gorgeous, blue and white Indian Agra rug shows the complexity of design and sophistication that one has come to expect from the original antique rugs as well as the modern rugs produced in this area. Agra is home to the famed Taj Mahal, and it is also known for its area rugs of exceptional beauty and design. Blue rugs and the blue color itself, is what interior designers turn to when they want to create a calm and serene feel in the space.

This modern rug from India, is one of those rugs that is relatively easy to place in a room and position amongst different furniture layouts. In a traditional home, it would be the perfect compliment for a collection of antique, Blue Delft China for example. One of the characteristics that set Agra rugs apart is the density of the design motifs. Many these types of area rugs feature traditional motifs that we tend to associate with Persian rugs. That said, area rug styles often show their international character, and you can see elements of other cultures and design styles. This reflects Agra’s history as a place for global travelers throughout the centuries.

In today’s contemporary homes, beautiful rugs like this, that bring a touch of nature into the space, are used to create a cozy sanctuary that is calm and serene. This more modern traditional Oriental rug would be the perfect complement in an all blue and white room, or to add a touch of color to a room full of neutrals.

This beautiful modern palatial oversized rug is delicate and soft and will add a traditional rug flavor to a contemporary, urban space, too. The beautiful modern area rug from India has a traditional feel that would fit perfectly into a room of fine antiques or one that features modern, curved back furniture. When considering which area rugs to buy for the home, this one is the kind of rug that will add elegance and charm to the space in front of a fireplace, or perhaps as the foundation classic timeless and historically rooted interior deign. This oversized modern Indian Agra rug is a beautiful addition to a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or any room of the house for that matter.

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