Beautiful Fine Luxurious Oversized Antique Large Scale Allover Kerman Persian Rug 48690


Size: 14 ft 8 in x 21 ft (4.47 m x 6.4 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Large Oversized Persian Antique Kerman Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – This large antique rug, an antique Persian rug, features a yellow and white floral pattern spilling over a shimmering, oceanic blue. The pattern is roughly symmetrical about the long axis, with elements repeating to give the antique Persian Kerman rug visual stability and appeal. Cornflower blue accents the yellows and white of the design, balancing coolness and warmth. A wide variety of flowers showcasing numerous shapes are joined by curling stems, from which also sprout lovely accenting leaves with curved or spiked edges. The antique rug’s largest blossoms are ornate, some with lacy frills spread against their lotus-like petals. This multitude of flora seems to float over the dark blue background, reminiscent of a classic lily pond from some fantastical illustration. A set of several borders encloses the central pattern, centered with a band of dark blue with elaborate flowers echoing the larger decoration within.

This striking antique oversized Persian Kerman rug was produced around the turn of the 20th century during the time of the decline of the grand Persian dynasties. It is easy to see that this extremely luxurious rug was once designed to grace the interior of palatial estates and that it served as a reflection of the wealth of the Sublime State of Persia. It is hands down one of the most beautiful rugs one could hope to find.

The soft patina of the color of the large scale floral designs stand out strikingly against a midnight sky. The antique Persian Kerman rug does have horizontal and vertical symmetry, but an emphasis is placed on the overall design of the rug and the field of flowers. The corner designs is this spectacular antique Persian rug are subtle and appear to blend in with the rest of the field. The center of the Kerman rug is defined by an arrangement of four different flowers, rather than a single defining element.

The main border of the Persian Kerman rug is small in comparison to the overall field. This places an emphasis on the floral patterns of the field, rather than the border. The border simply serves as a supporting frame for the remainder of the Kerman rug, rather than standing out as a significant design feature on its own. The floral design of the central field is carried throughout the border, which highlights its support role as a supporting element.

The rich blue background of this large oversized antique Kerman Persian rug boasts such an elegant abrashed color variation. It would make a magnificently bold statement and add a sense of formality and stateliness to any room. It has a connection to a specific time and place in history that is reflected by its faded hue. This antique Kerman Persian rug is a truly beautiful piece and would make an excellent addition to any collection.

If you are in the market to buy rugs and want one of the best rugs in the world, this antique Persian Kerman rug would be hard to beat.

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