Rugs For Kids Rooms

As a starting point and for inspiration, here are a few perfect area rugs for kids' rooms:

How to Choose the Perfect Kids’ Rugs

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing rugs for kids rooms. Choosing a carpet for children, toddlers, or babies is different than choosing a rug for any other area of the house. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to make sure your space looks the best it can be.

Considerations for Rugs for Kids’ Rooms

You can’t have a complete room without a rug. The rug is the factor that ties the rest of the room’s elements together, often the focal point, and keeps the space cozy and livable.

When you’re picking your rugs for kids rooms, the first thing you should consider is the size of the rug. Consider that a kid’s room is generally smaller over all, and the furniture in the room is smaller as well. Kids don’t usually sleep in a queen or king size bed; they’ll sleep in a twin bed, or a crib if it’s a nursery. This means that if you’re putting the rug under the bed, you’ll need a smaller rug. If you are using the rug to cover the majority of the room, consider that you should keep 18-24 inches between the rug and the wall as a rule of thumb.

Kids' Room Rugs Size Nazmiyal

Consider the size of the rugs for the kids’ rooms.

When placed under the bed, the rug will look best if it is under the bottom 2/3rds of the bed and there is room for nightstands up against the wall. In this case, consider the ratio of the size of the rug to the size of the bed. Since twin beds are long and narrow, consider a runner rug along the side of the bed, or even one on each side. If the space is a nursery with a crib, make sure that the rug is large enough to anchor the room, with front legs of furniture on the rug, or small enough to be its own statement piece.

Think about the material of the rug you are choosing for the kids’ room. This is a situation where you don’t want to skimp and opt for a low quality machine made rug. Kids’ rooms tend to be higher traffic with lots of play, so choose a material that will stand the test of time. This includes hand woven wool and cotton rugs. A material like silk might not be the best choice for the floor of a child’s room, depending on how much traffic the space gets. Save these more delicate pieces to be hung on the wall.

Wool Rugs Kids Room Nazmiyal

Choose a wool rug for the kids’ room.

Choosing a Style

The general guidelines for choosing rugs for kids’ rooms are the same as for any other room of the home. If the decor in the room already includes lots of colors and patterns (as children’s rooms tend to!), opt for a more neutral rug. On the other hand, if the room is already pretty neutral, you can choose a bold patterned or colorful rug as a splash of color and fun. Go bold with a shaggy texture or playful pattern. Get the child involved in the decision process as well, so you can be sure the piece suits their style.

Kids Room Swedish Rugs

Vintage Swedish rugs are perfect for kids’ rooms and nurseries.

Antique and vintage rugs give the perfect touch of charm to any kid’s room or nursery. Boho chic, Moroccan tribal rugs are enduringly popular and give the room a sense of adventure. Shabby chic antique pieces with soft colors give the room a gentle, cozy, artsy feel. Pieces like Navajo rugs are geometric, colorful, bold, and fun for kids. Another great idea is colorful, vintage Scandinavian rugs.

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