Beautiful Classic Light Blue Oversized Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug 72205


Size: 14 ft 9 in x 23 ft 6 in (4.5 m x 7.16 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Gorgeous Oversized Light Blue Color Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – Antique Persian Sultanabad rugs are treasured by interior designers and antique area rug collectors because of their elegance and unique designs. These area rug styles tend to feature wider more artistic borders that help to define the space and gorgeous tribal influenced floral motifs that give the rugs a more classic traditional look and feel. These truly beautiful rugs are a welcome addition to garden-inspired contemporary designs. Persian rugs have an endearing quality that has allowed them to remain a part of our design repertoire for hundreds of years. We still love them just as much today, and they are finding their way into a wide range of contemporary design trends, too.

This beautiful antique blue background area rug was woven around the turn of the 20th century during a time when exquisite art pieces showed off the wealth of an emerging class of industrialists and businessmen. Sultanabad has a history of creating some of the best area rugs that date as far back as the mid 17th century. This gorgeous rug features a classic larger scale and more open floral design that is reminiscent of reflecting pools and formal gardens that once surrounded palaces and noble estates. These captivating antique area rugs are often larger and make a statement in the room.

This is a beautiful piece that would make the perfect addition to a formal dining room or for creating a space for conversation. It is also perfect for an entranceway, office, or other public space. This one has a tribal character that is perfect for a Boho Chic space or a garden-themed room. The area rugs from Sultanabad have a formal feel that complements a traditional room with a collection of fine antiques. They were made for Victorian and Queen Anne-style homes that tend to have larger spaces for gathering. This one would add a distinctive, authentic touch to a historical home.

Many interior designers also use these antique area rugs in modern interiors to add an element of contrast in a room of sleek contemporary furniture, too. The gorgeous colors and complex but open pattern of this Sultanabad rug will complement solid furniture in neutral colors. In this setting, these types of area rugs serve as a statement pieces that will bring out the character of the accessories and architecture of the space. These truly special Persian rugs are perfect for serving as a bridge for different design elements and stylistic features. They create a cohesive, elegant, and composed space in an eclectic collection of different styles and eras. This is a magnificent piece that is perfect for people who are buying area rugs with the intent of creating a stately and timeless room design.

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