How To Run An Electrical Wire Through A Rug

A Step By Step Guide About The Simplest Way to Snake an Electrical Wire Through a Rug

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Below, we will outline the appropriate steps that you should take if you have the need to snake an electrical wire through an antique rug (or any rug for that matter). Following this step by step guide will help you through this process while minimizing the risk of damage to your antique rug.

*** Please note that for safety reasons, we suggest having an electrician do this or anything else that involves working with electrical wires or cable.

First Remove the plug from the end of the wire:

Electrical Wire through Rugs Nazmiyal

Remove the plug from the end of the wire.

Make sure you have a thin tool that has a pointed end.

Sharp Pointed Tool Electrical Wire through Rugs Nazmiyal

Use a thin tool with a pointed end.

Identify the location of where you want the wire to come out. Then from the back of the rug, push the pointed tool through the wefts the rug so that pokes out on the other side. Please note that you should not be tearing the rug. Rotate the tool to create just enough space to snake the wire through.

Pass Electrical Wire through Rugs Nazmiyal

Making a hole to pass electrical wire through.

Push the wire through the “hole” you created and pull through all the excess wire.

Electrical Wire Passed through Rug Nazmiyal

An electrical wire passed through the rug.

Pull all the excess wire from under the rug and re-attach the plug to the other-end and plug it into the electric outlet. If done correctly, you should just see the wire poking through with no extra space around the wire.

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