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Happy Colorful Rugs

Shop By Mood, Happy Colorful Rugs That Will Lighten Up Your Room

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Happy Colorful Rugs – Everything starts with the rug. The most effective way to set the mood of a room is to start with a rug and build up. If you’re looking for a happy room, get happy antique colorful rugs! What makes an antique rug happy are the bright colors, rich tones, and eccentric designs that give it a youthful personality.

Look for these traits to find happy antique rugs that will create a cheerful and exciting foundation for your room.

Happy Colorful Rugs With Bright Geometric Patterns

Vintage Moroccan Rug Happy Antique Rugs

Vintage Moroccan rugs make happy accessories to your room.

Most vintage Moroccan rugs have love-able personalities. The abstract tribal designs are fun to look at and the bright colors and shapes pop with positivity. In this Moroccan rug the orange and yellow tones melt together to look like a splendid sunset. The crisscrossing lines are youthful and exciting. Another aspect that makes this rug just as happy is the long shag! Vintage shag rugs are magical in that they automatically elicit feelings of warmth and happiness. Get one for a fun living room with other accessories and bright happy rug colors.

Shop this bright vintage Moroccan rug.

Rare and Happy Rug Colors

happy antique rugs blue oushak rug

A happy antique rug makes a happy room. This antique Oushak rug has a bright blue background and sparkling octofoil medallion.

This antique Oushak is another beautiful and mood-lifting antique rug. The bright blue background is rare in antiques and adds to the mystical effect of this rug. In the middle is a carefully woven octofoil medallion. The center of which is outlined in bright red lines and gold patterns giving it a youthful heart. This is a breath-taking rug that will look complete in any setting.

Shop this antique Oushak rug.

Happy and Colorful Floral Rug Motifs

An eclectic mix of colors in this Sultanabad rug make it one happy antique rug.

A rich background and bright medallions make this antique Sultanabad carpet look like a bright festive night.

This is an expansive Sultanabad carpet. It’s impressive size, beautiful variety of flowers, pops of greens and blues elicits warm feelings to the viewer. This is woven art and it’s airy beauty makes it an elegantly happy antique rug.

Shop this floral Sultanabad carpet.

Colorful and Happy Tree of Life Rug Symbolism

The tree of life is a blessed symbol for healing, rejuvenation, and sustenance.

The tree of life is a blessed symbol for healing, rejuvenation, and sustenance.

The Tree of Life is a popular motif in antique rugs. It’s symbolism is strong and each artist is able to put their own outlook on it’s meaning. In this antique Persian Bakhtiari rug the colorful tree is blooming and surrounded by flowers in an exciting color palette. The bold pastel tones of the tree reach up into the sky. The borders are filled with little birds, exotic flowers, and a beautiful pink salmon background. This is a happy antique rug with a strong and colorful personality perfect for homes that have an eclectic style and a love for art.

Shop this happy antique Persian Bakhtiari rug.

Happy and Colorful Rugs With Primitive Patterns

A charming vintage Gabbeh with colorful patterns of animals and trees.

A charming vintage Gabbeh with colorful patterns of animals and trees.

This is a unique yet charming Persian Gabbeh. It’s bright colors and a cheerful design make it one of our favorite happy antique rugs. The nature motifs in it’s abstract and minimalistic design is happy and innocent.  This is a great rug to get for a room that just flows with positive energy.

Shop this colorful Persian Gabbeh.

Do you have a happy rug you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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