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Happy Colorful Rugs

Shop By Mood, Happy Colorful Rugs That Will Lighten Up Your Room

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Everything starts with the rug. The most effective way to set the mood of a room is to start with a rug and build up. If you’re looking for a happy room, get happy antique colorful rugs! What makes an antique rug happy are the bright colors, rich tones, and eccentric designs that give it a youthful personality.

Look for these traits to find happy antique rugs that will create a cheerful and exciting foundation for your room.

Happy Colorful Rugs With Bright Geometric Patterns

Vintage Moroccan Rug Happy Antique Rugs

Vintage Moroccan rugs make happy accessories to your room.

Most vintage Moroccan rugs have love-able personalities. The abstract tribal designs are fun to look at and the bright colors and shapes pop with positivity. In this Moroccan rug the orange and yellow tones melt together to look like a splendid sunset. The crisscrossing lines are youthful and exciting. Another aspect that makes this rug just as happy is the long shag! Vintage shag rugs are magical in that they automatically elicit feelings of warmth and happiness. Get one for a fun living room with other accessories and bright happy rug colors.

Rare and Happy Rug Colors

happy antique rugs blue oushak rug

A happy antique rug makes a happy room. This antique Oushak rug has a bright blue background and sparkling octofoil medallion.

This antique Oushak is another beautiful and mood-lifting antique rug. The bright blue background is rare in antiques and adds to the mystical effect of this rug. In the middle is a carefully woven octofoil medallion. The center of which is outlined in bright red lines and gold patterns giving it a youthful heart. This is a breath-taking rug that will look complete in any setting.

Happy and Colorful Floral Rug Motifs

Sultanabad Persian Carpet | Nazmiyal

A rich background and bright medallions make this antique Sultanabad carpet look like a bright festive night.

This is an expansive Sultanabad carpet. It’s impressive size, beautiful variety of flowers, pops of greens and blues elicits warm feelings to the viewer. This is woven art and it’s airy beauty makes it an elegantly happy antique rug.

Colorful and Happy Tree of Life Rug Symbolism

Tree of Life Design Rug | Nazmiyal

Artistic Small Antique Tabriz Persian Tree of Life Design Rug

The imagery on this antique Persian Tabriz rug depicts the iconic tree of life design, an ancient symbol found in many cultures from all around the world.

This beautiful and artistic small size rug features a phenomenal use of colors and design. The earthy reddish brown the is used to render the tree trunk and branches created a magnificent juxtaposition against the lighter sand colored field. This allows the other colors and designed throughout this beautiful Persian rug to really pop. In addition, this rich earthy brown is used as the main border color which creates such a beautiful sense of balance.

A diversity of plants and animals adds interest to the design everywhere you look. As opposed to the hunting rugs, in this beautiful piece, the animals as plants seem to be happily living among each other. This give the overall art a feel of innocence as well as idyllic bliss.

One does not need to be an antique Oriental rug maven to appreciate the workmanship that went into creating this breathtaking piece. The breathtaking beauty of the tree of life design rug is found not only in the visual aspects of the antique carpet, but in the Eden-like concepts that are represented.

While many people may enjoy and use this Persian tree of life design rug as a striking decorative rug, others may find it just as captivating as an antique tapestry rug. The geometric approach to the design, combined with its progressive use of colors, make it a phenomenal transitional piece. As such, this rug can work beautiful in almost any interior design approach, weather modern or contemporary. That said, regardless of how you may chose to use and display this Persian tree of life design rug, its beauty is sure to grow with time.

Happy and Colorful Rugs With Primitive Patterns

Tribal Vintage Gabbeh Persian Rug | Nazmiyal

Shabby Chic Tribal Vintage Gabbeh Persian Rug

Breaking away from traditionally simplistic shapes, this wonderful Persian Gabbeh rug uses angular lines and rigid movements to recreate scenes in nature. Striking perennials and branching stems make up the majority of the background, their presence evident in every section of the vintage rug. Darker colors of this Shabby chic rug define the primary palette, and the beautiful Stygian black and midnight blue tones create ample points of contrast against lighter instances of cream and red. The vast majority of the composition is designed to lead the viewer’s eyes along the borders before bringing the attention back to the core of the Persian rug, where the activity picks up in a flurry of shapes and colors. Two primary oval shapes stand out at the foreground of the rug’s center, themselves home to a beautiful field of flowers meant to entice and attract attention.

Do you have a happy rug you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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