Eclectic Colorful Artistic Geometric Modern Area Rug 11739

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Size: 13 ft 10 in x 15 ft (4.22 m x 4.57 m)

Amazing Eclectic Colorful Artistic Geometric Modern Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This year’s design trends are all about adding color, and lots of it. This design has a Midcentury Modern feel that will pair well with your collection of vintage pieces or retro-inspired recreations. The pattern on the rug also feels like a patchwork quilt with a charming folk art feel. The versatility of the design makes it perfect for many contemporary style trends.

The colors of the rug are the first thing you notice about this piece. Its palette includes warm colors in oranges, rusts, pinks, and warm browns. The delicate blues, mauves, and plums create balance with the warmer tones. Creams, taupes, and black round out the colors making it a perfect way to add a touch of vibrancy to your neutral room scheme.

The geometric pattern of this rug uses color blocking, which will inspire you to pull colors from the rug to incorporate into the rest of the space. If you have a minimalist or Scandi-style room, this rug will blend in nicely and add colorful overtones. The colors of the rug are soft and delicate, giving the piece an earthy, natural feel.

Interior designers are looking to the natural world as inspiration for creating spaces that help us relax. They use the shapes, colors, and forms found in the natural world to bring the outdoors to the interior of the home. This rug blends the hard lines and angles of the manmade world with the soft colors of nature. It has a balanced feel that is perfect for a transitional space that blends mixed styles and palettes.

Emerging style trends are all about creating inviting spaces that speak to us and encourage spending time together. This rug gives the room energy and vibrancy with its colorful hues and ever-changing shapes. This rug has an artisanal quality that would be an excellent foundation for an office or creative space. The unique pattern and eye-catching colors of this rug spark the imagination and create endless possibilities to help give your space the refresh that it needs.

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