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Antique Tribal Rustic Red Large Scale Allover Design Persian Sultanabad Carpet 48563

Size: 10 ft x 17 ft 5 in (3.05 m x 5.31 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Angular figures create rigid movements over the richly colored background of this Sultanabad.

Antique Large Scale Sultanabad Carpet, Origin: Persia, Circa 1900Sultanabad carpets are some of the most desirable carpets in the world. Their collectability and interest for interior designers come from magnificent color combinations, precise symmetry, and organization that make them suitable for formal room settings. Yet, they still have a tribal quality that gives them a certain amount of charm and character.

This antique carpet has an all-over design with a large-scale repeating motif. One of the features that makes Sultanabad carpets unique is that they were produced by entire families and were often of a larger scale than that other carpets of Northwestern Persia. They also tend to have a longer pile than other city carpets. This makes them warm and soft.

The main border of this carpet is of a smaller scale than the repeating design of the field. This emphasizes the scale of the field design and makes the carpet appear to be more spacious and grand. The regular placement of the brilliant blue flowers against the intense red background also helps to accentuate this effect. The long, sweeping saz leaves draw that eye outward and give the illusion of width. The artist used several elements to make the carpet appear to fill the space of the room.

This carpet creates an intense visual impact, and carpets with exquisite artistry, such as this one, are becoming more difficult to find. Many of this quality are in the homes of private collectors as favorite pieces. This carpet would make a striking component in a seating area, dining room, or living room. It is the perfect match for today’s saturated color palettes. It would also make the perfect addition to a Boho chic room. It is a gorgeous piece created by a talented artist and is versatile enough for any contemporary or traditional space.

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