Antique Persian Garden Design Kerman Rug 72225


Size: 10 ft 9 in x 14 ft 7 in (3.28 m x 4.44 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Phenomenal Antique Persian Garden Design Kerman Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1880 – Kerman is a city located in south-eastern Iran with a rich history of creating some of the most recognizable rugs in the world. They often feature a floral or architectural theme, such as this gorgeous garden design rug. They are known for their high level of detail and contrasting colors.

This fascinating piece features a garden theme that will bring the world of nature to your interior. It features an abundance of willow trees, fruit trees, grapes, cypress, and other elements that traditionally represent wealth and well-being. Alternating dark and light bands of background create a striking use of color that makes the individual elements stand out.

This year has seen the return of brilliant, saturated navy blues and reds to interior spaces. This rug features a traditional pattern and is an excellent way to add color to your space. It has a delicate feel and will bring a feeling of spring to the design. Choosing the right rug for the space is one of the most important first decisions you can make. The rug sets the tone of the room and serves as the foundation for the rest of the design decisions. This piece is an excellent choice for creating a space with a floral theme, or for a space that has a Boho Chic feel.

Kerman rugs are known for their quality, and this rug was created in the latter part of the 19th century at a time when the carpet industry in the area was at its peak. Antique Kerman rugs are highly sought after, and this one is a magnificent example of their artistry.
This rug is versatile and would complete a room of traditional and classic furniture styles. In a contemporary space, it will add an element of tradition and elegance. This rug would make an excellent centerpiece in a space for entertaining, dining, or a grand entranceway. This is an exquisite piece that you will enjoy for many years, regardless of your style.

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