Rainbow Colors Striped Modern Rag Rug 72218

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Size: 12 ft x 15 ft (3.66 m x 4.57 m)

Beautiful Rainbow Colors Striped Modern Turkish Rag Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: Modern – This year’s biggest trend is adding a burst of color, and this rug lets you do it in a big way. This rug has all the colors of the rainbow and will make a perfect addition to any room. It has a bright and cheerful feel that will put a smile on your face when you walk into the room.

The rug was created using fabric scraps and is a sustainable way to add a solid foundation to your décor. Maximalism has been gaining ground for several years, and now, it means more than simply adding a few pops of color. You can mix colors in new ways you never imagined. The same can be said for textures and shapes.

This rug gives you plenty of inspiration for adding other colorful touches to the space. You could also add a few curvy shapes and other handmade textiles. The best thing about this rug is that you can bring your vibrant, bold personality into the room design.

Recently, interior designers emphasize pieces that are works of art, and they are straying away from a mass-produced look. One trend that is here to stay is creating designs that are a curated collection of your favorite finds. This rug can create a focal point and tie your eclectic collection together. If you love color, this piece is destined to become one of your favorites.

This rug is a piece of artwork that will bring balance to the room and create a central focal point. You might want to pair it with an oversized lamp above a glass dining room table or add a few pieces made from wood and other natural materials to the space.

Today’s interior designs are about emphasizing contrast in color, texture, scale, and shape. The colorful design of this rug gives you plenty of options for infusing unique pieces throughout the space for an edgy yet fun-loving space. This piece makes a statement and is a gorgeous foundation piece for your favorite interior design style.

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