Large Oversized Antique Indian Carpet 50119


Size: 14 ft x 24 ft 6 in (4.27 m x 7.47 m)
Origin: India Rugs

All Over design Large Oversized Antique Indian Carpet, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: 1920 – A wealth of crisply detailed floral designs fills the honey-hued center of this antique Indian rug, lush with warm tones of goldenrod, sage, plum and burgundy. Obsidian black stitches form outlines and accents, uniting the swooping and curling stems and buds of the pattern, which is symmetrical both vertically and horizontally. The dense warmth of the vibrant decoration is enclosed by a series of matching borders, with pairs of slim bands flanking a larger, central strip. This wide bar is backed with a color like pale wine, containing elaborate flowers in dark and light tones that repeat around the length and width of the antique rug.

Indian carpets occupy a unique space in the world of fine Oriental carpets. The designs of Indian rugs were influenced by those of the carpets of the Persian courts, only Indian artists gave them a voice that is unique and stands out for its formality and sense of tradition.

This piece was created around the 1920s and offers a garden theme in a color palette that is refined and perfect for traditional or contemporary decor. The first thing that stands out about this piece is its connection to the ancient carpet weaving traditions of Persia. These designs were brought to India by the first Mogul Emperor who spent some time exiled in Persia.

While there, the Mogul was exposed to the exquisite designs of the Persian rug makers and court carpets. Attracted to the lucrativeness of the industry, he brought these designs back to Persia, and you still see hints of Persian design in Indian carpets today.

Although the original designs were based on the court carpets of Persia, India soon developed their own unique style that makes them stand out. This one features a more traditional Persian color palette on the border, and a more subdued one in the field and central design. It is based on a medallion design, which gives the piece an overall sense of balance.

The medallion of this piece is more subtle and highlights the elements around it, which differentiates this rug from the original Persian designs that inspired it. This draws attention from the center to the outer edge of the carpet, which will make the room look even grander in scale.
Indian carpets are known for their fine detail and soft feel underfoot. This carpet will blend into a room of classic furniture and traditional pieces or add a point of contrast to a contemporary room design. This room will make a beautiful, bold statement in any room of your home or office.

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