Large Red Antique Indian Agra Area Rug 44602

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Size: 16 ft 7 in x 20 ft 10 in (5.05 m x 6.35 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

In the grand classic Mughal rug weaving tradition, a lush design of swaying vines, leaves grace the field of this superb antique oversized Agra carpet.

Large Red Antique Indian Agra Area Rug, Origin: India, Circa: Late 19th Century – This gorgeous, classic Agra Indian rug from the 1920s has an elegant character and the fine quality for which the weavers of this ancient city are known. Agra is a city that is best known as the home of the famed Taj Mahal. However, since the 16th century, it has also been known as a center of carpet production. The carpets of Agra have a grand style that is elegant and refined. Many of the designs resemble popular patterns that are found throughout Persian carpets, which makes an interesting part of their story.

Prior to the sixteenth century, only a few carpets were being produced in Agra. However, when the Mughal Emperors came into power, the designs took on a more Persian style. This is because the early Mughal Emperors were exiled to Persia and spent some time there. They saw the wealth and prosperity that came from the Persian rug weaving industry. When they returned to India, they took the patterns and designs home to be used in their own workshops. However, over time, Agra rugs developed their own distinctive style.

They still incorporated the traditional Persian designs. Only they added a few characteristics that make them distinct. Rugs from India tend to be more densely packed designs than traditional Persian rugs. This beautiful carpet has an allover design and uses cloud bands to create graceful lines and sweeping forms throughout. Agra weavers also developed their own color sensibilities, and while they still employed the brilliant reds found throughout Persian rugs, they tended to combine them with earthy colors, such as browns and blues.

This more subdued color palette gives them a more subtle flavor and allows them to fit with today’s contemporary nature-inspired décor. This carpet has an earthy feel that is created by the brown and blue accents, but it is also reminiscent of the rich spices and flavors of Agra culture. It is the perfect addition to a formal room and traditional furniture choices, but it could also make the perfect choice for Boho chic style as well. Agra carpets are known for their quality and beautiful designs, making them the perfect piece for any décor style.

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