Modern Colorful Rag Rug 72220

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Size: 12 ft 2 in x 14 ft 10 in (3.71 m x 4.52 m)

Beautiful Modern Colorful Turkish Rag Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: Modern – This year, color is a topic in the world of design that is making headlines. Designers are featuring more of it and in color combinations that used to be considered taboo in the past. Anything goes, as long as it adds energy to the space. Gone are the days of neutral walls, neutral furniture, and a touch of color. Now, the mantra is to bring on the color and plenty of it.

Another trend is adding pieces with a homespun feel and an artistic touch. The trend is moving away from pieces that look mass manufactured toward those that add a unique charm to the space. Mixing textures and shapes is another trend that designers can’t get enough of this year.

The geometric pattern could be paired with curved or round shapes to add contrast, and contrast is what it is all about this year. The dominant colors in this rug are shades of blue and blue-green. Blues have an overall calming effect on the space. The softer blues of this rug are highlighted by warm reds, fiery oranges, and vibrant pink. This creates almost endless possibilities for infusing layers of color into the space.

The pattern of the rug is plaid, which gives it a classic feel. This rug is made from fabric scraps that have been masterfully woven to create this exquisite piece with an Arts and Crafts flavor. This rug easily fits into a room of traditional furniture and vintage pieces, but it would also be an excellent addition to a contemporary space.

The gorgeous pattern and colors of this rug will be a welcomed touch to any room from the dining room to the living room. Interior spaces are moving toward creating a more intimate feel. Another trend is multifunctional spaces. As people continue to work from home in increasing numbers, they are finding the need to have spaces that can do double duty throughout the day. This rug adds vibrant color to a productive space, and it will also add a touch of personality to a space for relaxing. The charming rug will add depth and character to your interior space and will create a sense of coziness that makes you want to spend more time enjoying the things you love.

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