10 Beautifully Blue Rugs

Whether it’s in the details, or creating a sea-like effect, here are ten antique blue rugs to cool down any room…

The serenity of blue can give a room a wonderful sense of calm, and the use of blue rugs is a beautiful way to incorporate this aqua color. Here are ten carpets with various amounts and shades of blue from soft, light, powder blues, to deep, bold, midnight blues.

Blue Rugs By Nazmiyal
Blue Rugs

However different they may be, from Persian antique carpets, to Swedish Kilim carpets, the serenity of blue is what these antique carpets have in common.

1. Large Antique Sky Blue Persian Kerman Carpet (46979)

Large Sky Blue Persian Kerman Antique Carpet

Here is an absolutely charming antique oriental carpet. An impressive Kerman composition, characterized by its graceful design, and its field of soft, sky blue.

2. Light Grey Blue Antique Persian Tabriz Rug (48798)

Light Grey Blue Persian Tabriz Antique Carpet

This striking light-grey blue rug showcases a unified system of contrasting tones and forms to draw the viewer’s attention to the abundance of exquisite detail abound within. Rich, deep cobalt tones stand out against sandy beige colors, cool sky blues and deep pomegranate reds.

3. Vintage Scandinavian Kilim by Ingegerd Silow (48541)

Scandinavian Kilim vintage carpet by Ingegerd Silow

The icy blue background of this vintage blue rug creates crisp contrast, drawing the viewer’s attention to the foreground. Darker blues, snowy whites, coffee browns and silky beiges work together to create a beautiful serene tribal effect.

4. Light Blue Antique Persian Khorassan Rug (49172)

Light Blue Persian Khorassan Antique Carpet

At the heart of the antique blue rug, the deep blue background acts as a perfect night scape for the lighter tones at the foreground. These vases and petals are connected to each other through the outlying vines and stems, creating a repeating pattern that is meant to delight the senses.

5. Folk Art Vintage German Rug (48556)

 Folk Art German Vintage Carpet

Soft grey and deep blue form the base, providing a stunning contrast and soothing respite from the vivid red and orange of the pattern of this fun and energetic vintage blue rug.

6. Light Blue Antique Persian Tabriz Oriental Rug (48820)

Light Blue Persian Tabriz Oriental Antique Carpet

By using a sharply contrasting series of colors, the artist is able to convey a clear sense of motion and wonder within this Persian rug. The beautiful powder blues of various hues in this blue rug are due to the character it has built overtime.

7. Vintage Double Sided Blue Swedish Kilim (48278)

Double Sided Blue Swedish Kilim Vintage Carpet

Alternating lines of dark midnight blue and bright azure are the hallmark of this incredible blue rug. The contrasting hues are warm and inviting and create a glow of color that resonates throughout both sides of this magnificent vintage carpet. The carefully woven bands of vibrant blues are also of varying widths and frequencies so that one side of the piece looks brighter while the other side has thicker bands of deep blue to give a darker feel. Lush and tranquil, this lovely vintage carpet will bring an air of lucidity to your home.

8. Large Light Blue Antique Persian Kerman Carpet (44142)

Large Light Blue Persian Kerman Antique Carpet

In this light blue example, the wonderful curving vine-scrolls and floral detail elements that are present throughout belong to a style that has been practiced in Kerman for centuries. A beautiful example, this antique carpet from Persia exemplifies this appealing antique Oriental rug style.

9. Beautiful Antique Persian Khorassan Rug (46794)

Beautiful Persian Khorassan Antique Carpet

Unlike many Persian antique carpets, this one focuses on a silvery series of colors and lines to create a beautiful, almost metallic field of wonder. The colors chosen throughout are elegantly set against each other in a subtle display of gentle contrast. From the borders of the antique carpet to the center, these flowing stems and fronds are present in a seemingly infinite dance of magic and whimsy.

10. Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Bakshaish Rug (48772)

Persian Heriz Serapi Bakshaish Antique Carpet

At the very center of the antique carpet, the blue landscape stands out at its most pronounced, housing a vibrant white diamond at its core, which itself houses a blue and red mandala.

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