Fall Colors: Trending Color Palettes

Trending Color Palettes for Fall and Interior Palettes

Trending Fall Color Palettes – First of all, let me just say that I am in complete disbelief that the Fall is slowly creeping around the corner. I like my days long, hot, and steamy where I can dine on outdoor patios without my fingers suffering from acute frostbite. (There is nothing cute about frostbite, FYI.) Sure, the humidity hates gorgeous locks of voluminous hair. Yes, back-sweat makes everyone look like a marathon runner, but summer in New York City is jam-packed with so much to do and see, rooftops to be on top of, food to be grilled, and frolics through parks to be scampered. However, a boy can only dream of summer nights and days for so long until the leaves begin to turn and fall, breezes blow by shuddering up one’s spine, and the term, “layer”, comes back into play.

Trending Color Palettes and Fall Colors

Trending Color Palettes and Fall Colors

In order to prepare yourself for the imminent climate change, check out our picks for Fall Colors 2011:

Trending Color Palettes and Fall Colors - Cayenne

Trending Color Palettes and Fall Colors – Cayenne

Cayenne Colors

Yes, it’s going to be fall and every single fall, some shade of orange is hot. Can you blame us though? When we see orange, we think pumpkins, sweet potatoes, turkey, leaves, etc. Orange is a autumnal staple. This year, cayenne brings more to the table than the Master Cleanse or Beyonce Diet. (Trust me, don’t even go there. I tried it once, and let’s just say misery was an understatement.) All that being said, cayenne offers a gentle approach to the bursting vibrancy of the orange color palette and presents a homey feel that makes you want to curl up next to a fire. What we also love about cayenne is its versatility. Whether you’re painting the hallway, throwing down some pillows, or decking out the bathroom in all of cayenne’s glory, this color will brighten your home and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Side effects may include: uncontrollable cravings for yams and pumpkin pie.

kiwi colors

Kiwi Colors

Kiwi Colors

Green, yet another fine choice for an autumnal staple. This fall we are kind of obsessed with kiwi which will be a great complimentary color to that cayenne. Kiwi is a cooler shade of green that offers a little bite through its subtle vibrancy. This absolutely delicious color will liven a room even through drab nights and howling winds. Make sure to be sparse with kiwi perhaps using it in a throw, accent furniture, or table napkins. Too much kiwi could transport your modern-day loft to the island huts of Oahu. Be sure to steer clear of these volcanic eruptions unless living in a tiki hut is your thing.

eggplant colors

Eggplant Colors

Eggplant Colors

Last but not least on our favorite fall color palette is eggplant. This shade of purple is wonderful for decorating the modern chic apartment. Eggplant is a rich and hearty color that really gives a room a sense of sophistication, history, and not to mention, a sense of nobility. Pairing this color with muted neutral tones of whites, greys, or tans can really add a touch of heft to this coming season’s colors. All of this talk about colors named after foods sure makes a guy hungry.

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