Oversized Light Ivory Cream Tribal Chevron Modern Rug 11862

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Size: 17 ft x 31 ft 5 in (5.18 m x 9.58 m)

A Facinating and Decorative Oversized Light Ivory Cream Color Background Tribal Chevron Design Modern Area Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Chevrons and wavy patterned designs and geometrics first began to appear in the world of interior design almost a decade ago. In the beginning, they were two colors with bold patterns. We still love geometrics, only they have evolved into a more mature, subtle form. This gorgeous modern rug, from our collection of contemporary 21st century rugs, features a distressed look and chevrons in gently shifting neutral colors.

The massive oversized ivory background tribal rug was created in Central Asia using techniques that have been used for many centuries. The artist created this piece in a way that honors the past and also gives the design an updated look that is perfect for contemporary spaces. Earthy tones bring a touch of nature into our interior spaces. Layers of texture and pattern help us create a feeling of peace that is similar to what we feel when we feel time outdoors. This neutral rug is the perfect touch for creating a nature inspired design in your space.

If you prefer a neutral color palette, this rug gives it pattern and texture. You could carry this theme throughout the space by adding in Boho-influenced textiles. You might try a few textured throws or a pouf with an earthy design. This handmade rug will highlight the colors of plants, terracotta pots, and sculptural pieces made from exotic woods. Its primitive feel is that perfect foundation for creating a cozy, relaxing sanctuary.

If your style is more contemporary, this wool rug will provide a point of contrast in a room with minimalist, modern furniture. It would make a beautiful foundation underneath a glass top dining table or coffee table. Copper accents would stand out against this modern distressed area rug beautifully. This is a gorgeous piece for defining a function space within a larger room.

The rug colors and are perfect for contemporary furniture in a range of colors. You could keep it calm with beige, brown, ivory, and gray, or you could add energy to the room with a teal, pink, or citrus sofa. This versatile modern rug gives you many possibilities for creating the perfect style to fit your personality.

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