Oversized Luxurious Ivory Antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad Rug 72353


Size: 14 ft x 26 ft (4.27 m x 7.92 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Impressive Oversized Luxurious Ivory Antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1880 – The city of Sultanabad was once known as Arak and is located in what is now Iran. The region has a long history of carpet weaving, and when it became Sultanabad in 1808, it would soon become known as home to some of the most beautiful tribal rugs in the world. Sultanabad rugs were highly desirable throughout Europe during the Victorian Era. In 1878, Ziegler & Co. saw a golden opportunity that would change the carpet weaving industry of Iran and give it new life.

This Swiss company, based in Manchester, England began commissioning local Sultanabad weavers to create rugs that were better suited to European tastes. These rugs often had more subtle colors than you typically find in tribal rugs. The familiar brightly-colored blues and reds of traditional Sultanabad rugs gave way to ivories and softer colors that were more in line with Victorian tastes at the time.

The motifs on the rugs retained their tribal feel and charm. These rugs retain the essence of the tribal designs that inspired them, only the design is often not as dense as you find in the original regional creations. This combination of traditional design elements and Western tastes created a new type of Persian rug that would remain popular for many decades, and that we still love today.

This is a beautiful example of a Ziegler Sultanabad with a soft color palette and muted tones. It reminds you of a negative photo of a Sultanabad rug with the colors reversed. Perhaps, it is reminiscent of a rug with colors that have softened over time, giving it a feeling of timelessness. Throughout the piece, you will see delicate acanthus leaves and floral patterns that give it an organic feel.

This is a magnificent example of Ziegler Sultanabad design and would make an excellent addition to any collection. It is soft on the eyes and the feet. This rug lets you enjoy the classic design of a Persian rug in your home in subtle colors that are perfect for minimalist or contemporary color palettes. The design of this rug is graceful and will add a refined character to a grand entryway or create a path from one area of the architecture to another. It is a versatile piece and is an excellent choice for creating a formal, yet welcoming, feel in the space.

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