Floral Fine Antique Oversized Persian Medallion Tabriz Haji Jalili Carpet 50262

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Size: 16 ft x 25 ft 4 in (4.88 m x 7.72 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Like most traditional antique Persian Tabriz carpets, this antique Persian Tabriz rug revels in complex details and interconnected floral patterns. Several attractive borders of rich cream, sandy taupe, jet black and pomegranate red stand out against each other, drawing the eye inward, where the viewer can marvel at the exquisite details painstakingly set in each oval shape within the borders. The largest border features the most intricate scenes laid out within its locket-like portraits. All the layers of color and flow in this Haji Jalili carpet meet together at the center of the carpet, the lines of motion distinct, yet unified in a single beautiful blossom.

Finely Woven Antique Oversized Tabriz Persian Carpet by Haji Jalili, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1900 – It only takes one look at this beautiful Persian Tabriz rug to know that it is the work of a master weaver. This elegant and refined antique rug was produced during a time when Tabriz was undergoing a revival as the center of the Persian rug weaving craft. This rug is a masterwork of Haji Jalili, whose works are known for their high contrast colors and exquisite detail. This makes it not only an extraordinary piece in terms of its beauty, but also a highly collectible one.

The design is organized around a central medallion with radiating layers of contrasting colors moving out towards the borders. It has formal corners that use an ivory background and pick up the colors of the central medallion and one of the larger bands. This helps to unify the design from the center to the formal borders.

The antique oversized rug uses rich tones to emphasize the delicate floral patterns contained within each element. The design of the Persian Tabriz rug gives you something delightfully new everywhere you look. Persian Tabriz Haji Jalili rugs are known for their use of delicate pinks and blues. The delicacy of the colors and design are highlighted by the darker contrasting elements.

This highly collectible formal carpet is versatile and would be an excellent addition to a number of different design schemes. In a classic or traditional setting, it would serve to emphasize the structure of the design. In a modern, minimalist, or Scandinavian design, it would serve as a point of contrast and to add a touch of color. The colors and design of the rug come together beautifully in this piece to make it an essential for the avid collector of fine art.

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