Large Size Decorative Soft Neutral Allover Antique Persian Herati Design Tabriz Carpet 48211

Original price was: $48,000.00.Current price is: $38,400.00.

Size: 13 ft 7 in x 16 ft 7 in (4.14 m x 5.05 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Despite the complexity and the sophistication of the design both of the borders and of the field, this entire carpet espouses an intriguing subdued quality throughout.

Neutral Colored Large Size Antique All-Over Fish Design Persian Tabriz Carpet, Origin Country: Persia, Weaving Date: Turn Of The Twentieth Century – This stately, exquisite antique Persian Tabriz rug brings a touch of elegance to any room and home decor. This magnificent antique rug – an antique Tabriz carpet that was woven in Persia around the turn of the twentieth century. Generally speaking, antique Tabriz rugs and carpets are celebrated for their sophisticated compositions, which strongly reflect the most important qualities of Persian City Rugs. This particular antique Persian carpet boasts an especially sophisticated design which relies heavily on an intriguing utilization of monochromatism.

The rich series of borders – there are no fewer than three large borders as well as an assortment of inner and outer borders – and the field are all colored in subtly contrasting shades of brown. Despite the complexity and the sophistication of the design both the borders and the field, the entire carpet espouses an intriguing subdued quality throughout. A fetching example, this antique Tabriz carpet from Persia showcases the elegance and the sophistication of the finest antique Oriental rugs and carpets.

The soft neutral coloration, combined with the all over fish design, make this one of the more decorative rugs you will find. The lack of different and varying colors give it a unified feel which makes placing this rug in a room quite effortless. This all neutral approach and lack of colors make this large size all over design Persian Tabriz area rug easy to work with almost any color textile and decorative elements that exist in the room already. Also, for those who feel completed to center things, the all over design aspect makes it easy for placing furniture as you don’t need to center them around one central rug design motif.

So if you are looking of a magnificent rug, that will look good in almost any setting, that will work with almost any color and is easy to incorporate into a wide range of interior design styles, then this here large neutral Persian Tabriz rug would be a go-to option for sure.

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