Soft Grey Antique Decorative Herati Design Oversized Persian Malayer Carpet 46139


Size: 13 ft 6 in x 25 ft 9 in (4.11 m x 7.85 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Oversized Antique Persian Malayer Carpet, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1920 — This lavishly detailed Antique Oversized Persian Carpet was crafted by true artisans that understood the elements required to create visually appealing, evocative designs. Although this Persian Malayer carpet is almost 100 years of, it fits in perfectly with today’s neutral color trends. This traditional carpet, which features a stunning array of traditional middle eastern floral and botanical motifs, would fit in comfortably with neutral walls or walls with bold colors. The pattern on the antique rug is very detailed and intricate. It features all the best elements of great craftsmanship which increases the quality, beauty, and true value of this wonderfully designed Antique Over-sized Persian Malayer carpet.

The first things you may notice about this palatial antique Persian Malayer rug are its beautifully blended soft colors and exquisite detail. This beautiful antique Persian rug was, more than likely, a custom ordered carpet that was woven to be displayed in a public space or a palatial oversized room. Here, this soft grey color rug finds itself perfectly at home among majestic rows of columns, large windows that fill the room with light, and the grand artwork of the Persian Empire.

This antique rug invites you to stroll among the plants in this beautiful garden. The all over rug design uses tone on tone colors, ranging in hues from ivory to chocolate, against a majestic grey colored background. The gentle palette creates a soft, earthy feel that invites you to stroll among the abundant life in this garden of paradise rug.

The artist created a connection to the sublime and the garden of paradise through the design. The scale of this beautiful Persian Malayer rug is emphasized by the delicate, smaller scale of the herati fish design of the field and borders. This gives the impression of a space teeming with life. The field and complex borders of the antique Persian rug are proportioned in a way that also emphasizes the scale of the Malayer carpet.

The design elements of this magnificent, rare piece come together to create the impression of a vast, abundant garden. It has an ethereal quality, both in the subject matter and in its execution of the details. It is made for an interior design that emphasizes scale and line. Without a doubt, this magnificently decorative and soft antique oversized Persian Malayer carpet would blend in well within many different interior design approached. This large antique Malayer carpet makes a breathtaking addition to any space where it can call home.

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