What is a Ranch Style House?

Ranch Style House Architecture

The notoriously American architecture style, the ranch style house, has been popular in the country for over a century. It is both utilitarian and fashionable and loved by many. What makes this style what it is, and where did it come from? Let’s explore the history behind the style and what defines it.

History of the Ranch Style House

Ranch style homes originated in the American west. Beginning in the 1920s and through the post-war era, many ranchers settled in this area. They would own, farm, and raise livestock on acres and acres of land. Using this vast space, the homes were only one story and laid out wide. As such, they were often also referred to as “rambler” houses, a nod to the wide open spaces they occupied. A lot of the inspiration for the architecture of these houses came from Spanish Colonial architecture that was incredibly popular in nearby areas at the same time.

Ranch Style House Nazmiyal

Ranch style houses spread horizontally rather than vertically.

The popularity of these homes skyrocketed in the mid-20th century after World War II, as soldiers were returning home to America. They moved their families to suburban housing developments, many of which were made up of ranch houses. This was because these home styles were affordable and quick to build. By 1950, nine out of every ten American homes built were ranch style homes. This style overlaps with mid-century modern design both in the interiors and the exteriors.

Casual Ranch Style House Nazmiyal

An example of a modest ranch style house, often seen en masse in suburban neighborhoods.

Characteristics of a Ranch Style House

A ranch style house is recognized by a few basic elements. The homes are one story, and stretch wide horizontally. They generally have a low pitched roof and use overhanging eaves. In terms of layout, many will be L- or U-shaped and surround a patio or deck in the backyard. Features like sliding glass doors and large windows are common, providing plenty of natural light. Finally, ranch style houses will typically have a garage attached.

Ranch Style House Patio Nazmiyal

Ranch style houses are often L- or U- shaped surrounding a patio area.

Inside the house, there will typically be a casual, open plan layout. Basements are often finished to provide more living space, since the home is single story. Even though it is only one story, ceilings are often vaulted and can have exposed beams. The building was pretty simple, which meant that homeowners had lots of freedom to decorate and design the interior as they pleased.

Ranch Style House Interiors

Ranch style houses are casual and modest in their architecture, and the interiors usually aren’t much different. They represent a casual way of American life, and are utilitarian and make use of the somewhat limited space they have. They are cozy homes set up to raise a family, and tend to have modest wood furniture, plenty of woven textiles, and farmhouse style decor.

Ranch Style House Interior Nazmiyal

The interior of a ranch style house is usually open plan, with steep ceilings and lots of natural light.

These homes are the embodiment of the casual lifestyle that the people who lived in them possessed. Classically American, they are casual, yet homey. Browse below our selection of rugs that would look beautiful in any ranch style house.

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