Small Antique American Floral Hooked Rug 40326


Size: 2 ft 1 in x 2 ft 10 in (0.63 m x 0.86 m)

The drawing and coloration of this small size antique floral hooked American rug are entirely homespun Americana despite the influence of French Savonnerie design.

A Beautiful Small Antique American Floral Hooked Rug, Country Of Origin: America, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – The art of rug hooking is an American craft that has been around since Colonial times. They were made from scraps of wool cloth and were valued for their warmth and durability. By the early 19th century, much of the wool production had become industrialized and used machines. Rug hookers would purchase mill ends and scraps from clothing production to create these beautiful masterpieces. This tradition continued through the American Arts and Crafts period.

At first, hooked rugs were largely functional, providing warmth underfoot and insulation. By the Civil War, techniques were available that allowed the ground cloth to be printed with a design that the rug hooker could follow. During the Great Depression, rug hooking was encouraged as a creative outlet for women and as a source of income.

The art of rug hooking involves using a special tool to punch a piece of wool through a ground or backing cloth. Often a second piece of fabric was used to protect the work and prevent it from coming out. They were used as chair or furniture covers, rugs, and wall hangings throughout history.

This gorgeous piece was created in the early 20th century and features a gorgeous floral design. Today, color combinations that include earth tones and brilliant reds bring energy to modern spaces. This rug features these colors in a way that is earthy and brings elements of the natural world to the indoors. It would make a magnificent addition to your historic or Arts and Crafts style home, and it would also fit into a contemporary design to add contrast.

Today’s home designs feature neutral colors with a touch of color. This rug adds a delicate feel to the space and would make an excellent piece of framed wall art. You could also use it on top of a flat surface to create a vignette. This piece is a beautiful example of the artistry and skill you find in American hooked rugs.

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