Best Exterior Color Schemes

Top Home Exterior Color Schemes

For anyone interested in architecture or interior design, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in color and design. Tastes and trends are always shifting. Luckily, there are always plenty of diverse palettes that are en vogue at a time, so no matter what your personal style is, you can still choose something trendy and current. Let’s take a look at why the color scheme you choose is so important, and some of the trendiest ones for 2020.

Decorating the Home Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first impression visitors get of your house. Even before seeing spaces like the entryway, they will get a feel of the home’s style from the outside. The great thing about exteriors is that you can customize it to your tastes virtually no matter what the architecture style is. Through landscaping, paint, and decorative add ons, you can create your own vision on the outside of your home.

Black and White Exterior Color Scheme

The first on our list is the classic black and white color scheme. Black and white is timeless and classic. Depending on how you apply it, it can be dramatic or subdued, trendsetting or homey. While some color schemes are better suited to specific types of architecture, black and white is one of the few that can be applied beautifully anywhere. Whether on a city townhouse or a country farmhouse, it’s a classic. The trend right now with black and white is using a stark, bright white paint color all over with black detailing. Whether that’s railings, shutters, doorways, porches, balconies, or anything else is up to you and the structure of your building.

Exterior Color Schemes Black and White Nazmiyal

White with black details is a beautiful exterior color scheme.

Cream and Aqua Exterior Color Scheme

Next up in trending colors is a combination of cream and aqua. A neutral toned house color with a pop of bright color on the door has been a huge trend for a little while now. This year it is popular when done with a cream colored base on the house and bright aqua on the front door. Keep the focus on the doorway by stopping there, or make the home more bold and playful and add the aqua to window shutters as well. This color combination is perfectly coastal and beachy. Even if you don’t live near a beach, you can bring the calming feeling of the seaside to wherever you are with this combo.

Exterior Color Schemes Cream and Aqua Nazmiyal

Use a pop of color like aqua on the front door.

Grey, Ivory, and Dove Grey Exterior

A mixture of ivory and shades of dark and light grey is soft and welcoming. This color scheme is reminiscent of classic Cape Cod homes. Choosing these colors is a great way to evoke the beachy, New England feeling without bright colors like aqua. If you still want some pops of color in this design, use colorful bushes and flowers in your landscaping.

Exterior Color Schemes Grey and White Nazmiyal

White and shades of grey exterior

Clay and Mossy Green

Clay red and a mossy shade of green are beautiful colors for a classic family home. These colors tend to look better on larger buildings with more classic architecture styles, however can work anywhere especially if you add in some white to make it look bigger. In color theory, red and green are complementary colors on the color wheel. This means they are made to be paired and look beautiful together. By picking burnt, toned down shades of each, you have the perfect farmhouse style combo.

Exterior Color Schemes Clay and Moss Nazmiyal

Clay and moss exteriors are warm and welcoming.

Never be afraid to experiment with your colors and think outside of the box. Add or take away colors from these combinations to create your own perfect palette. Whatever you choose, use the exterior color schemes of your home to express yourself and make a great first impression for anyone who visits.

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