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All About Virtual Interior Design

Now more than ever, those of us who are stuck at home might be looking to redecorate our homes and switch things up. However, some might be worried in this time about having someone come into their home. This is where virtual interior design, sometimes called e-design, comes in. Virtual interior design is the perfect alternative to having an interior designer come to your home and work with you there. As the name suggests, you work together virtually, and you as the client often receive deliverables in the form of concept boards and a list of what you need to execute the project from home. Let’s explore this a little more in depth.

Why Virtual Interior Design?

People choose to use virtual design for many reasons. Some like to maintain control over their project, and this gives them a way to do that. The client can decide how much or how little support, inspiration, and suggestion they want, and then incorporate it into their home on their own. Another reason might be that you want to renovate just a small area of your home, and it’s a quicker and less expensive fix than working with an interior designer in person. There are no set appointments to make it to unless you want them and no set timeline. It’s also a great solution for those who want to hire a designer they admire who might not be based in their area. If you live far away from the designer and it doesn’t make logistic sense to meet with them in person, see if they offer virtual interior design services.

Virtual Interior Design 2D Rendering Nazmiyal

Virtual interior design sometimes includes a 2D rendering of what the room will look like.

How Does Virtual Interior Design Work?

Once you’ve selected your virtual interior designer, you go through a pretty universal process. First, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to help the designer understand your style and objectives for the project. The designer will often schedule a follow up meeting, either over phone or video call, to get down the specifics of the project, see if it’s a personality fit, and create a budget. Next, the designer will send a bill, which is usually either done by a flat fee per room or a variable fee by hours or square footage. There will also usually be tiers of service, ranging from a quick fix up to a full renovation. Finally, you’ll send the designer the measurements of your space so they can get started without ever seeing it in person.

Virtual Interior Design Measurements Nazmiyal

You will need to take measurements of your space.

Next, when all of the logistics are worked out, the fun part starts. You and the designer will collaborate on creating a concept board of what you are looking for in the space and styles you love. In the digital age, this is often done on sites like Pinterest. As the designer gets a better grasp of your style, they will begin deliverables. Depending on the designer and the service you’ve chosen, these could be anything from a mood board to plans to 2d or 3d renderings. When you agree on the perfect plan, the designer will send you a list of what you need and how to execute the design at home, usually including a linked shopping list of items.

Virtual Interior Design 3D Rendering Nazmiyal

With up to date technology, 3d renderings look just like real photographs.

Not only is working with a virtual interior designer fun, but it is convenient and sometimes necessary. Now that you know how the process works, you can start your very own design project. Feel free to reach out to our experts at Nazmiyal for a consultation as well if you’re looking for the best way to work your rugs into your design, or vice versa.

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