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Taipei Performing Arts Center

Architecture Trends and The Taipei Performing Arts Center

Another Asian architectural wonder has begun its inception as Rem Koolhaas is set to debut his latest marvel in Taipei. This time, the mastermind behind Beijing’s CCTV building is branching into the world of the performing arts – that is, with OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center.

The Entrance To The Taipei Performing Arts Center Nazmiyal

The Entrance To The Taipei Performing Arts Center

The latest building is sticking to Koolhaas’ amazing use of geometry and has a structural focal point that resembles something akin to Epcot Center.

Street View of The Taipei Performing Arts Center Nazmiyal

Street View of The Taipei Performing Arts Center

Asian architecture (and architecture trends in general ) has really taken off showing of prevalent themes of the future paired with the Russian Constructionist designers of the past. This 180 million endeavor is set to debut in 2015 and will boast three theater spaces that can be used together or solo. The mechanics of shifting its spaces to create hidden elements and new structural pieces lend a hand to the experimental theater genre, which is really taking off in Taiwan.

Taipei Performing Arts Center Architecture Model Nazmiyal

Taipei Performing Arts Center Architecture Model

Rem and his team have truly designed a building of the future, and we are so glad to see that this beautiful structure will be a home for the performing arts and spread word on the world of experimental theater. Do trust that Asian architecture is definitely paving the way for modern architecture trends. World, watch out!

Taipei Performing Arts Center At Dusk Nazmiyal

Taipei Performing Art Center At Dusk

This architecture blog post about the Taipei Performing Arts Center was published by: Nazmiyal Antique Rugs located in the heart of New York City NYC.

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