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Tallest US Building: One World Trade Center

Its Official! One World Trade Center is the Tallest Building in USA

New York City’s One World Trade Center began its ascent into the record books as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere today. The 104-floor building, also known as the Freedom Tower, received the first bits of its spire, which once completed, will put the tower at 1,776 feet tall.

Tallest US Building: One World Trade Center by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Tallest US Building: One World Trade Center

Likening this final phase to putting a candle on top of a cake, construction director Steven Plate called the project groundbreaking. “This project truly has really redefined construction I think throughout the world on all levels whether it be construction, whether it be design, whether it be logistics,” he told guests aboard the barge bringing the spire’s pieces into Manhattan.

Height Comparison of Tallest NYC Buildings by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Height Comparison Chart of Tallest NYC Buildings

The $20 million peak will be made up of a number of parts shipped from Montreal and New Jersey. Once completed, it will hold a beacon for aircraft, and be fitted with multi-colored LED lights. The tower will also resurrect TV and radio broadcast transmitters that were destroyed in 9/11. With a total cost tipping the scales at 3.8 billion dollars, the building is also the most expensive in the world.

Construction for One World Trade Center began in earnest in 2006. The completion of the spire signals not only the building’s glorious finish, but also an emotional cornerstone for those touched by the tragedy of the site’s history. According to Plate, “It signifies that we’re back, we’re better than ever, and it shows the resilience of not just New York, but also people in general.”

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