Refined Floral Design Antique American Hooked Area Rug 72394

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Size: 2 ft 6 in x 3 ft 11 in (0.76 m x 1.19 m)

A Magnificent Antique America Flower Pattern Hooked Rug, Country Of The Rug’s Origin: United States Of America, Circa/ Approximate Weaving Date: 1920 – The natural flow and rhythm in this area rug creates an elegant look into an agrarian scene. Rolling fields give way to blossoming flowers and beautifully defined stalks and growths. These plants unfurl outward against a foggy, beige sky, with many unique flowers rising up to define the hooked rug‘s foreground with their elegant presence. Vivacious orange, soft yellow, sage green, rich purple, blushing cream and a variety of other colors all dance around each other to create a whimsical and picturesque setting, the many hues working together to create contrast and unity along the work.

This specific small size antique American Hooked rug features a stylized floral design that is not that common in the rugs from USA. The flower designs in this antique American rug resembles those that we might see in Aubusson rugs as well as other types of the French rugs and other European carpets. So this antique Hooked rug is wonderfully unique and artistically rare among the antique rugs from America.

Small rugs such as this one are great as they can be placed in different locations throughout your home. But this specific Hooked rug is so captivating and due to its rug size, it would make a breathtaking wall hanging tapestry rug where it could hang and be admired. But regardless of how you decide to display this artistic, small size, antique American floral design hooked area rug, it is sure to attract many wonderful comments and trigger fascinating conversations. Dues to its wonderful and crisp colorful floral design, that are set against a neutral wavy background, this is the kind of rug that people will love, even if they know nothing about rugs.

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