Antique Oval Shape Floral American Hooked Rug 40328

Size: 2 ft 6 in x 4 ft (0.76 m x 1.22 m)

On this sweet little antique American oval hooked rug an elegant bouquet of pastel flowers and leaves hovers amidst a deep tan field with just the hint of landscape.

Small Oval Shaped Floral Design Antique American Hooked Rug, Country / Origin: America, Circa / Date: Late 19th Century – On this sweet little antique oval hooked rug an elegant bouquet of pastel flowers and leaves hovers amidst a deep tan field with just the hint of landscape rendered in pale lavender. A border of finely outlined leafy scrolls comprises the border surrounded by a cinnamon ground edge. Here we have an American folk art response to the Aubusson and Savonnerie rugs made in France at this time.

The captivating antique American hooked area rugs are among some of the most important early crafts of the New England states. They were often made from discarded scraps of material used for curtains, clothing, and other uses. This magnificent rug from the late 19th century is an excellent example of this craft.

These hooked antique rugs from America were made by punching strips of fabric through a cloth that was often similar to burlap or coarse linen. Beautiful designs were often made using patterns, but they were sometimes freeform. Many of the designs resemble other rugs of the time.

This beautiful piece features a floral design and formal border that is similar to the French and European rugs of the time. The colors are delicate and the design has a high level of detail. This rug is the perfect size for using as a small accent rug or as a base for a fine piece of antique furniture.

This place would be a perfect addition to a Victorian home or in a room of traditional furniture. Its garden theme brings a touch of nature to the space, and it has a delightful feel that reminds you of a summer garden in full bloom. The colors of the oval shaped area rug are soft and earthy. It would be a perfect addition to a neutral room where you want to add a touch of color. You could use the colors of this rug as inspiration for accent pieces throughout the space.

This American rug is highly collectible and an excellent example of textile art in late 19th century America. It is a perfect piece for your collection, or for any room of your home where you want to incorporate a rug that has a classic feel. This hooked rug will make any room of the home feel bright and airy.

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