Rugs Really Tie The Room Together

Discovering how rugs really tie the room together

We all know the saying from the Big Lebowski – The rug really tied the room together. Ask any interior decorator they will all agree with this very basic yet important approach in your decorating scheme.

When one considers the variety and magnificent examples of rugs and carpets that are available, it becomes apparent that they play an important part in one’s interior design. We love them as much today as people did when they were first created. However, choosing the perfect rug is something that should not be taken lightly. Many people consider the flooring as an afterthought, but there is a reason why many of the top interior decorators start from the floor and move up.

Big Lebowski - Rugs Really Tie The Room Together - Nazmiyal

Big Lebowski – Rugs Really Tie The Room Together

When starting a decorating project, it makes sense to think of the rugs in a similar way to choosing exactly the right shoes for your outfit. You would not select your best outfit for an evening out and then throw on the tennis shoes that you use for gardening. The same fashion principle applies to choosing a carpet for your interior design. If you want the room’s interior design to tie together, you need to treat the rug with the same importance as you would the furniture selection and the interior’s color scheme to achieve the overall look that you want.

Add Harmony Or Make A Statement With Rug

Just as choosing the wrong pair of shoes for an outfit can make the whole look feel off, so can choosing the wrong rug for an interior design. Even if the rug colors work, if the style of the rug is not in harmony with the rest of the furnishings and accessories, the design could feel like something is out of place.

A rug can be a game changer in the interior design and add a bit of surprise. It can add an unexpected texture or color, live in harmony with the rest of your furniture, or it can be used to make a bold statement on its own. It can be used to brighten the room, or tone it down to make it feel more peaceful. Even if you have carpeting, layering a colorful rug can add more interest and texture to the decor.

Define And Separate The Room With Rugs

One thing to consider, is how to place the rug in a room. When selecting a rug you should think of how it flows from one area to the other areas of the space. For instance, a rug can be used to create a visual path through the home. It can add life and vibrancy to a hallway, which is an area that is often neglected in interior design. They can be used to create a sense of transition and flow from one area of the home to the next.

Define A Space Using A Rug - Interior by Kureck Jones - Nazmiyal

Define A Space Using A Rug – Interior by Kureck Jones

Rugs can also be used to help define a space. For instance, they can be used to define a dining room area, or they can be used to define an area with one’s living room dedicated for gatherings and conversation. In this way, rugs can be used to delineate the function of the space.

Rugs Add Warmth And Character

A beautiful Oriental rug can be used to add warmth and coziness to an area. They also define the character of the space. Consider the visual impact of a garden design rug filled with flowers and compare it to the more angular tribal designs that characterize the Caucasian rugs. They create an entirely different visual impact and define the personality of the room.

Rugs can be used to give the room a more formal feel, or a more natural, organic feel as with tribal rugs. A rug with a high pile can add texture and dimension to the space. Likewise, a fine weave rug with a pile that is trimmed close to show off the detailed design can add a sense of elegance and refinement to the space.

Create A Quiet Space With An Area Rug

Another feature that the perfect area rug brings to a room is that it can help absorb sound. This is perfect in areas, such as bedrooms, or spaces where you would like to have a bit of solitude. This is important if you live in the city or an area inundated with the noises of everyday life. A rug can transform such a space into a quiet sanctuary.

Rugs Can Serve As A Feature Piece

A rug, or collection of them, can be used as a feature of the room. The world of Persian carpets, for example, provides and endless selection of colors, textures, and bold designs. These rugs are not meant to stand in the background and go unnoticed. They can be an excellent way to define areas in an open space plan so that your furniture does not look like a tiny fish swimming in a big tank all alone.

Rug As A Feature Piece in a Minimalist Scandinavian Boho Chic Interior Design - Nazmiyal

Rug As A Feature Piece in a Minimalist Scandinavian Boho Chic Interior Design

One of the most common catch phrases in interior design is “less is more,” but when it comes to using rugs to create a feature, more is more. Using several small rugs in layers placed at different angles can create a greater impact in a space than one large rug. This technique has become more popular in recent years with designs such as Scandinavian design, Bohemian, and Contemporary Eclectic styles. These interior designs can feature a layered look and require texture to tie them together. The best part about this technique is that you do not have to choose just one rug, you can have a collection of smaller pieces and it will work just as well.

Using A Rug To Reinforce A Decor Theme

A rug can serve as a feature piece, but it can also reinforce and support the interior design scheme. This can be done through the selection of a rug that ties the color scheme together or one that mimics the style of the rest of the room.

Reinforce A Decor Theme - Scandinavian Decor With A Scandinavian Rug - Nazmiyal

Reinforce A Decor Theme – Scandinavian Decor With A Scandinavian Rug

The best thing about antique rugs is that you can find color combinations that are not available in newly made modern rugs. Some of the antique and vintage rugs were produced by individual artists, which means that you find a selection of rugs that were already made in a wider color combinations and styles, making it easier to find the perfect one.

Using Rugs To Add Some Light And Scale To Your Interior

One consideration in bringing the design scheme together is to consider whether the rug you choose will lighten or darken the space. A vibrant rug set against neutral tones can bring light to the room and add color. Of course, a light colored rug, such as ivory or light blues, can add to the lightness of the room and give it an airy feel. They can also balance the effects of using dark or smoke colored furniture.

Add Some Light And Scale - Nazmiyal

Add Some Light And Scale (Interior by Douglas Mckee)

The rug can set the tone for the light or darkness of the room, and it can add a sense of scale to the room as well. If you want to make a room look larger, choose the largest rug possible for the area. When placing furniture on a rug, you should make sure that all four legs fit within the area of the rug. Otherwise, it will look like the furniture is floating on top of the rug and will make the room look smaller.

Add A Rug As Artwork

Carpets are a creation of individual designers and rug weavers. Many of the traditional rugs produced in the carpet weaving centers have similar designs, but when one explorers rugs of the rural areas, you will find a significant range of individual patterns and color combinations. Each rug is a work of art and each one tells a story.

Rugs As Art by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Rugs As Art

Even when used as a functional piece, a Persian rug is a masterpiece produced by an individual artist with love. Each rug knot was tied by hand, just as a and painter uses a brush to create a work of art. They can also add warmth and a unique artistic appeal when hung on a wall. Some smaller textiles can also be used on tables, or perhaps framed for a dramatic look.

Rugs Really Tie The Room Together

As you can see, there is much more to choosing the perfect rug beyond its utilitarian function. When these rugs were created, they served a function, but the work and care that went into the designs shows that they were much more than a functional piece of furniture. Each one has its own personality and will bring certain characteristics to the space.

The right rug ties the room together just like the perfect pair of shoes creates a well dressed outfit. Enjoy browsing our selection or vintage and antique rugs to find one that is the perfect finish for your space.

This interior decorating and rug blog, Rugs Really Tie The Room Together, was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rug Gallery in NYC

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