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Prepare to be enveloped in luxury and timeless elegance as we explore the allure of plush vintage Moroccan shag rugs. These sumptuous textiles, steeped in history and artisanal craftsmanship, offer more than just comfort—they are a testament to the enduring beauty of Moroccan design. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the plush textures, cultural heritage, and enduring appeal of these exquisite shag rugs.

Moroccan Shag Rugs – Widely admired for their uniquely modernist aesthetic style, vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets are among the more popular vintage carpet styles currently available and certainly one of the most popular folk art rug styles. These dynamic and exciting carpets are generally characterized by a minimalist design aesthetic, and often feature designs of crisscrossing lines set against an ivory field This is especially true of Moroccan Berber rugs woven by the Beni Ourain.

Vintage Double Sided Shag Moroccan Rug 49899 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Vintage Double Sided Shag Moroccan Rug #49899

More typically tribal examples also exist. These pieces tend to exhibit vibrant colors rather than the conventional shades of ivory and dark brown that characterize most mid-century Moroccan rugs, and also tend to feature eccentric, irregular geometric detail elements throughout. A Moroccan shag rug, meanwhile, may be rendered in either style, though all are characterized by a thick, rich pile.

As the renewed interest in mid-century design continues to grow, vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets – especially examples like the Moroccan shag rug above – will only become rarer and more difficult to obtain. A finite resource, authentic vintage Moroccan rugs are a unique and exciting treasure. Offering a myriad of ways to enhance an interior space, vintage Moroccan carpets and Moroccan shag rugs are a unique and exciting development in the world of vintage rugs.

Vintage Plush Shaggy Moroccan Berber Rug 49882 Nazmiyal

Vintage Plush Shaggy Moroccan Berber Rug #49882

An authentic, vintage Moroccan shag rug is an excellent example of the enduring appeal of mid-century design aesthetics. Moroccan rugs are excellent examples of mid-century design preferences. The rug pictured above is an especially striking example of a beautifully composed vintage rug. Resplendent with an exciting and colorful tribal design, this Moroccan shag rug features the vibrant coloration and eccentric geometric figures that make Moroccan tribal rugs so appealing. Bold swaths of yellow, orange, brown and black intermingle in a tantalizing manner, the dense pile of this Moroccan shag rug adds a further dimension to the piece, infusing it with additional energy.

The Luxurious Style of Moroccan Shag Rugs

The mere mention of the mid-century modern conjures visions of Panton heart chairs and bare toes wiggling in the plush pile of a classic shag rug. The sumptuous, sexy fibers of Moroccan shag carpets are synonymous with the 20th century and the classically modern styles that gripped the world.

Posh Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco, the Greek Flokati, plush Swedish Ryas and rustic long-pile carpets capture the exuberant, ecstatic style of the mid-century like no other floor coverings can.

Vintage Moroccan Shag Rugs

Vintage Moroccan Shag Rugs

Shag Moroccan carpets are a special and tremendously modern genre of floor coverings. Plush Moroccan carpets are prized for their varied colors, sumptuous textures, abstract tribal designs and exceptional use of soft monochromatic colors. For utilitarian interiors with strong colors and textures, Scandinavian Ryas represent the best of both worlds as well as an accommodating selection of traditional and modern patterns. For classically modern spaces and retro mid-century interiors, no one can go wrong with luscious shag rugs and carpets.

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