Maximalist Interior Design

Your Guide to Maximalist Interior Design

You probably know all about minimalist interior design. We’ve written about it in our blog, and in years past, it’s been all over the social media and blogs of top interior designers and celebrities. However, it’s slowly but surely going out of style, and what is it being replaced with? Maximalist interior design.

What is Maximalist Interior Design?

Maximalist interior design is the sister of minimalist interior design. Each one occupies an extreme end of the decor spectrum. While minimalism includes getting rid of anything unnecessary, be it a pattern, color, or piece of furniture, maximalism does the opposite. Inherently, maximalism doesn’t exclude any color, pattern, print, embellishment, or anything else.

No, maximalist interior design isn’t about simply throwing every single decor piece you find into a room and hoping it looks good. It’s an art, and very similar to eclectic interior design. The thing about maximalism is that it combines bold colors, patterns, shapes, and everything else in ways that are unexpected. So go ahead, pair chintz and chevron. Jewel tones and pastels together? It’s fair game. As long as you are pairing these supposed opposites together with a purpose, it’s maximalism.

Maximalist Interior Design Elements Nazmiyal

Maximalist interior design mixes and matches patterns.

Ways to Incorporate Maximalism in Your Decor

There are a few decor elements that are pretty universally seen in some form in maximalist interior design. The first one is a gallery wall. Maximalism emphasizes the use of lots of art, and it doesn’t have to “complement” the other pieces in the traditional sense. Mix and match colors, sizes, frames, patterns, anything. Mix photography with abstract painting. And most importantly, don’t go light. Use a heavy hand when selecting your art because with maximalism, more truly is more.

Another common decor item in maximalist interior design is books. Cover an area of a wall with a floor to ceiling bookshelf and fill it with books. They don’t have to be sorted or organized, and they don’t have to match. Big books, small books, vintage books, new books, books you haven’t read – anything goes. Use books in other areas besides the bookshelf, as well. Put a stack of art books on the coffee table, or pile up books in varying shapes against your walls.

Maximalist Interior Design Books Nazmiyal

Books are a big part of maximalist interior design.

Maximalist interior design doesn’t forget about comfort. In the living room or bedroom, pile up throw pillows on soft surfaces like the bed or couch. They can be different materials, colors, and patterns. Toss a few throw blankets around, and add in an ottoman. Soft surfaces and comfort are right at home in maximalism.

Maximalist Interior Design Comfort Nazmiyal

Maximalist interior design emphasizes comfort.

Rugs for Maximalist Interior Design

Maximalism’s opposite sister, minimalism, favored rugs in light, neutral colors and little or no pattern. This was the perfect design principle for many modern rugs, that were machine made in simple whites or taupes. For those who wanted to add a little more life, the perfect pieces were antique decorative rugs and faded, shabby chic rugs in neutral colors. We may be biased, but our favorite thing about maximalism is that literally any rug can work perfectly in the space.

Maximalist Interior Design Antique and Vintage Nazmiyal

Antique and vintage pieces look great in maximalist design.

Since maximalism is about pairing the unexpected, antique and vintage rugs are perfect for the decor. Art is heavily valued in maximalist interior design, and hand woven rugs are art in and of themselves. These rugs come in bold colors, geometric patterns, floral patterns, tribal patterns – anything you could imagine. You can make your decor lean eclectic and choose an imperfect, primitive tribal rug. You could go Boho chic and pair the sharp geometric shapes of a Moroccan rug with soft, swirling shapes in other areas of your decor. Choose a majestic antique rug in rich colors and a bold medallion, and juxtapose that with modern furniture with clean lines. The possibilities are literally as endless as your imagination when it comes to maximalism.

Maximalist Interior Design Tribal and Floral Nazmiyal

Mixing a tribal rug with soft florals is great for maximalism.

Check out some of our favorite rugs below that would look beautiful in maximalist interior designs. If you still need help choosing a piece, our team of experts is ready to help you discuss what would be best for your space.

Here are some beautiful rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection for maximalist interior design:

Red Geometric Vintage Persian Heriz Runner Rug Nazmiyal

Red Geometric Vintage Persian Heriz Runner Rug

Vintage Moroccan Rug Nazmiyal

Vintage Moroccan Rug

Art Nouveau Austrian Carpet Nazmiyal

Art Nouveau Austrian Carpet

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