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Fireplace Interior Design

Fireplace Interior Design – A New Decorating Trend

Fireplace Interior Design – When one thinks of winter, there is undoubtedly no question that the staple of home design is all about the fireplace. No longer is the fireplace a port of entry for a jolly old man in a red suit who is shimmying down with a bag goodies galore.

No, the heat-generating hearth has served as the main focal point for well-designed living spaces and will continue to withstand the test of time.

Interior Design Trends - Fireplace by Nazmiyal

Interior Design Trends – Fireplace

Heating the season up with a hot stylish fireplace means cozy’ing up in the basque of blaring light, roasting marshmallows with loved ones, and making a serious statement whilst entertaining guests for copious amount of holiday cheer.

Where, oh where, do we start with the ideal winter focal point? Fireplaces, whether traditional, oversized, or modern-inspired have winter interior design written all over them. There is something quite romantic about throwing a log on a flame or simply lighting a match to your gas-powered vessel that surpasses all other home decor for the coming season.

Modern Built In Fireplace - Nazmiyal

Modern Built In Fireplace

When we see a great fireplace, we are overwhelmed with a sense of coziness that really sets the mood for family gatherings and festive functions. Being mesmerized by the glow that is emitted from the homey furnaces of fire blaring and crackling into cold nights subtly screams chic styling.

Modern Zen Inspired Fireplace Design - Nazmiyal

Modern Zen Inspired Fireplace Design

Grandiose fireplaces with wrought iron gates are classic elements of true taste in home design with beautiful mantelpieces and crown molding that melts the hearts of onlookers. Gawking straight into the abyss of a heated hearth of vintage inspired neo futuristic models of the 1960’s livens a room simultaneously adds spunk and nostalgia.

Modern Wrap Around Metal Fireplace - Nazmiyal

Modern Wrap Around Metal Fireplace

And nothing draws a room together like centering home decor around the living and breathing heat-producers to fully embody the idea of focal points and attention grabbing style.

Traditional Stone Fireplace Design - Nazmiyal

Traditional Stone Fireplace Design

Heat up those cold nights and curl up next to an open flame this holiday season whilst drowning your woes in a bottle of wine or bathe in the warmth of true interior design long into the night with a group of good friends and a stiff cocktail. Entertaining guests could not be easier with good company, vittles, and a beautiful fireplace.

Classic Cape Code Fireplace Interior Design - Namziyal

Classic Cape Code Fireplace Interior Design

Modern Glass Bloch Fireplace Decor - Nazmiyal

Modern Glass Bloch Fireplace Decor

Vintage Mid Century Red Suspended Fireplace - Namziyal

Vintage Mid Century Red Suspended Fireplace

Retro Fireorb Suspended Fireplaces - Nazmiyal

Retro Fireorb Suspended Fireplaces

Elena Colombo Modern Fireplace Design - Nazmiyal

Elena Colombo Modern Fireplace Design

This interior design blog was about fireplace interior design and decorating with fireplaces was published by Nazmiyal Antique Oriental Carpets Located in The Heart of New York City, New York.

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