Large Antique Persian Herati Khorassan Carpet 50063


Size: 15 ft 2 in x 18 ft (4.62 m x 5.49 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Refined Herati Design Antique Persian Khorassan Carpet, Country Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1920 —  A simple color palette of neutrals is woven into an intricate piece of art, featuring detailed botanical motifs. As is traditional of Persian rugs, layered borders surround a central pattern. Charcoals and beiges mix with geometric and abstracted floral shapes in mirrored lines and layers to give a solid sense of pattern. While the design is highly sophisticated, the subtle coloring allows this area rug to be a great complimentary piece for any design style.

Khorassan carpets are known for their extraordinary colors and exquisitely detailed designs. This Khorassan has rich, earthy browns, and midnight background is eye-catching and has an elegant feeling. Khorassan was known for producing carpets for the Persian courts and palaces. It is known for the production of large scale pieces with a high knot count and soft texture.

This carpet is an all-over herati rug design that would be perfect for a Boho chic or shabby chic design. The colors reflect the natural world, and it features a beautiful floral motif. Modern design trends favor pieces that reflect nature and represent the natural world in interior design.

The colors of the Persian Khorassan carpet are calming and serene. The pattern layout of the piece is balanced and refined. Interior designers often choose pieces to set the tone of the room and to serve as the base for the rest of the design. This carpet would be the perfect touch to a neutral room palette. It would also work well in a room with lots of plants and natural materials.

Khorassan carpets are known for their high quality and beautiful designs. They create a cozy and grounded presence in the room with their harmonious colors and detailed designs. Khorassan carpets have been treasured for many years and continue to be a favorite among design and collectors alike.

The captivating antique rugs, such as this fine example, could be used as the focal point of an informal room that features natural elements. In addition, it could add a soulful element of history to a more formal room design. The neutral colors and soft texture will be the perfect addition to a space that needs a rug with an aged and timeless character.

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