Fine Floral Palace Size Antique Persian Tabriz Medallion Carpet 50111

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Size: 18 ft x 25 ft (5.49 m x 7.62 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Flowing petals and ferns create movement throughout this detailed Tabriz Carpet as they lead the viewer’s eye on a seemingly never-ending journey along every twist and turn.

Antique Palace Size Tabriz Carpet, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1900Tabriz carpets have a splendor that is almost unmatched in the world of carpet weaving. This captivating antique from around the turn of the 20th century has a masterful design that reflects the talent and artistry of the Tabriz weavers. The beautiful red background sets the stage for a design that has movement created by using graceful curves and an abundance of gorgeous color.

During the 1500s, Tabriz was established as a major weaving center and the location of formal carpet design and weaving schools. It is located close to the Turkish border and was once a major trade center for the export of carpet to Europe and America. This prominence allowed it to call itself home to some of the most famous carpet designers in the world.

Many of these famous masters will remain forever unknown to the world by name, but we are fortunate that their works, such as this one, remain with us to enjoy. Throughout this Persian carpet, you can see familiar motifs, such as the palmette design that became emblematic of the reign of Shah Abbas, small sickle leaves, cloud bands, and many types of blossoming florals.

The design of the carpet is based a central medallion that is highlighted by formal pendants and corners in the field of the carpet. The artist used repeated themes throughout these elements and the main border to bring the design together and give it a sense of unity.

The complex design of this carpet uses a surprisingly simple color palette. The vibrant red of the background stands out as the most prominent color, but the artist was able to create the details of the design using only a few shades of brown, salmon, ivory, and a bit of delicate blue for accents. The ability to create such complexity with only a simple palette is a testimony to the talent of the artist. The creation of this carpet required a high knot count to achieve this level of detail.

This antique carpet has a formal character that comes from a complex, carefully executed design and attention to the basic artistic elements of the design. It is based on geometric form with the details laid over this structure to create the design. The curving leaves and clouds move the eye through the different elements of the design. The design is meant to give a feeling of grandeur and spaciousness to the room. This is a beautiful carpet that would make a breathtaking piece in a traditional room design.

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