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Persian antique Ziegler Sultanabad area rugs:

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Ziegler Sultanabad Rugs – These incredible Persian carpets were woven in Sultanabad around the 19th century’s last quarter, with the intent to appeal to  more Western tastes. In the late 1800’s, in Sultanabad, a small town in NW Persia, a Swiss firm, the Ziegler Company, based in Manchester, England set up shop.

The Ziegler rugs were created by the company which began exporting carpets from Persian and importing the rugs to England and America where the demand was high. Their antique rugs are similar to Mahal’s but are distinguished by their sparsely drawn, large scale, over-sized designs and use of soft colors. They are lovely rugs that are enormously popular with decorators.

Antique Persian Sultanabad Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler Sultanabad rugs carpets received their start in the late 1870’s. This was mostly due to a subsidized one of a kind commission. Zeigler & Co. of Manchester, England invested the original capital, which in turn led to the name. Unlike its predecessors, the Ziegler Sultanabad’s finely constructed weave, exquisite patterns, and delicate colors left a distinguishable mark on buyers then and for collectors today.

The Persian style rugs met great success in Europe, especially in Western markets who saw talent in the inspiring English translations and value in the oversized proportions. Westerners also at the time took more joy in elaborate decorations.

Today, interior designers and lovers of fine art enjoy the blended beauty of exotic and classical balance the Sultanabad Ziegler rugs bring to a room. Others enjoy the looser weave Sultanabad rugs for their rich history, filled with tribal, Persian Court, and Garden design.

According to the growing niche market, many people prefer the classic Sultanabad antique carpets over others because they’re the best representation of the late 19th century and early 20th century Persian style rugs. This makes them a suitable art investment or for personal décor. Their desirability will only continue to grow with their rarity.

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