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Here are some beautiful area rugs for your dining room to get you started:

What You Need To Know When Buying An Area Rug For Your Dining Room

Placing a rug under a dining table is a must! When starting a home decor project, a good place to begin is the dining room and that means embarking on a quest of finding the perfect dinging room rug for your home.

When evaluating the area rug options for under your dining room table, you should start with a rug that will tie the entire room together. After all, a rug under your dining room table can easily act as a spring board from which you can design and choose colors to incorporate throughout the rest of your dining room.

Vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain Dining Room Rug - Nazmiyal

Vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain Dining Room Rug

Beautiful area rugs in your dining room aren’t just functional objects – they can be stylish, too. Sourcing a rug that’s large enough for the space and that will help balance the decor of the room (while protecting the floor and withstanding foot traffic, chairs sliding and food / drink spills).

Tips on finding the perfect rugs for your dinging room

What size rug do you need for a dining room?

No matter how much you love a specific area rug, it won’t work well in your home’s dining room if it’s not the right rug size. You shouldn’t even think about things like colors, patterns and pile until you know the exact size range you can use. If you get a dining room rug that’s too big, it can overwhelm the space and look more like full wall to wall carpeting than a fashionable focal point. Smaller rugs, on the other hand, might not be big enough to cover the area underneath the dining room table.

Dining Room Interior Design Rugs Nazmiyal

So with that in mind, you need to measure the size of the table you want in the dining room. Once you have the table size, you need to think one how you want to position the rug and furniture. Things like the dining room chair legs being on or off the rug is a totally personal preference so don’t try to limit your self too much.

If you like, you can place all the dining room furniture in the room that you plan to have in there. This includes both large and small pieces, from the chairs and table to floor lamps and side bars and so forth. Pull the chairs away from the dining tables in the room so you can either look for a rug that’s large enough to fit the chairs or that’s small enough to not get in the way of them.

Then, take a piece of painter’s tape and mark the outline of the furniture. You’ll then need to measure this area to determine the rug size your dining room needs or can take. The reason for doing this is so you can measure the entire space that you want the dining room rug to cover.

Brown Dining Room Nazmiyal

Shape Of Your Dining Room And Rug

In order to create symmetry in the dining room, look for a rug that’s similar to the shape and proportions of the room itself. For example, if the dining room is rectangular, you’ll want a rectangular rug; if it’s square, you’ll want a square rug and if its a round room you probably will want a round rug shape.

It’s also a good idea to have your dining room rug be a similar shape to the main dining table that is in the room. If you already have a dining table, look for a rug that mirrors its shape; if you don’t have a table yet, wait until you pick out the perfect rug for your room then get a dining table that works with the size and shape of the rug you selected.

Transitional Dining Room Rug Nazmiyal

Picking The Color or Pattern Of Your Dining Room Rugs

The rug is going to be the focal point of the dining room, which is why its colors and patterns are so important. If the rug is under a dining room table where you eat most of your meals, the color or pattern should be able to stand up to spills.

For example, you don’t necessarily want a white rug in an area where there’s going to be a lot of food and potential spills. The best option is to go for a color or pattern that will work with the other furniture and interior decor items in the dining room but that’s deep enough to camouflage any accidents. If the rest of the room isn’t too busy, you can get away with a bold pattern, and the more complex the pattern is, the better it’ll be at hiding signs of wear and spills.

If your dining room floor isn’t in great condition, getting a bright color or a bold pattern is a good idea is since the rug will draw the eye to it and away from the rest of the floor.

Rugs in the Dining Room Nazmiyal

What Materials Are Best For Area Rugs In The Dining Room?

The material used to weave the rug isn’t going to be nearly as important as characteristics like size and color. That said, it is still something to consider, especially if you spend a lot of your time barefoot. Do you want a cozy, plush shag rug? Go for Moroccan rugs style or even a vintage mid century rug that has plush soft pile.

But keep in mind that in the dining room you will have chairs sliding on the rug so you want it to be easy. In rooms with chairs that are going to be moved in and out, you may want to opt for a lower pile rug but probably not a flat weave rug or kilim as those may not be as durable as you need them to be.

Dining Room With Antique Rugs Nazmiyal

One More Thing To Keep In Mind About Dining Room Rugs

When it comes to buying rugs for your dining room (or any home decor item or piece of furniture, for that matter), go with your gut and your heart. You may end up breaking a design guideline or two, but you could end up finding that perfect piece that truly works for your home and exemplifies your personal style.

Antique Persian Dining Room Rug From Nazmiyal

Whether your decor theme is rustic, modern, or traditional, chose from Nazmiyal’s selection of Antique Persian Rugs when choosing the perfect dining room rug.

Eclectic Interior Dining Room Rug Nazmiyal

Keep in mind that by investing in an Antique Persian, your dining room rug becomes one of a kind. From shearing sheep, to the passionate process of weaving the rug, each and every Antique Persian rug is made entirely by hand. Therefor, no two antique Persian rugs are exactly the same. This is what makes them such a wonderful investment for your home.

Interior decorator, Jaclyn Joslin, says splurging on an antique Persian rug for your dining room rug is totally worth it. She did, and loves how it looks.

Elegant Dining Room Rug Nazmiyal

What to look for when shopping for dining room rugs:

When shopping for dining room rugs, it is important to think about the rug as a frame of sorts. In most cases, once one places a dinning room table over the rug, it will cover the majority of the field design. So when you are picking your new or antique carpet, make sure to pay close attention to the rug’s border. The border will end up being the most prominent and visible part of the rug.

So make sure to pick a dining room rug that has a beautiful border that will showcase and enhance your dining room’s decor and style.

Are you feeling inspired by our dining room rugs and ready recreate the look?

Dining Room Rugs Chandelier Nazmiyal

If you’re looking for dining room rug, antique Persian rugs are surly worth a look. They can work perfectly with nearly any decor theme, and the unique style will make your dining room stand out.

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