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Man Bags Fashion Trends

Men’s Fall Fashion – Man Bags

Man Bags Fashion – Gentlemen, listen up! There is absolutely no shame in carrying a man-bag. Whether one calls it a purse, satchel, briefcase, man bag, murse, or any other crazy concocted title, the man-bag is hotter than ever this season.

Daily life in New York City requires one to tote around the essentials: keys, wallet, umbrella, water bottle, book, work files/notes, laptop, etc. That being said, there is no need to be trekking the streets with your hideous Eastpak backpack from your high school days.

Burberry Bags For Men Nazmiyal

Burberry Bags For Men

This season, men’s accessories have really stepped up their game adding more options and styling into everyday fashion. The man-bag is essential for every New York’er because what else are you going to carry all of your crap in?

Let’s be serious, toting around the city with a dinky messenger man bag is passe, backpacks should not be worn by anyone over the age of 17 unless you’re camping, and designers are releasing a swarm of fashionable options that are adding a new element to the modern man’s fashion styling.

Gucci Bag For Men Nazmiyal

Gucci Bag For Men

Personally, I carry around a small(er) weekend bag, which holds all of my stuff and makes life so much easier. Major fashion houses are coming up with many options from high-end messenger-style bags to masculine totes.

The tote bag is an easy solution for your commuting issues and adds a sense of comfort placing the bag directly on your shoulder. Does it look a little fem? Yes, it does, BUT it is well worth ridding the strain on your neck and constant rug burns from the messenger bag strap.

Let’s be serious, who actually enjoys the back-sweat one gets from a backpack? No one.

Gucci Mens Bags Nazmiyal

Gucci Mens Bags and Man Purse

Masculine totes, high-end briefcases, and weekend bags are the ultimate solution to looking stylish this season while carrying around all of your needs from the UES to Wall Street. Neutral colors and fine details such as leather trims and handles add a manly appearance to the man-bag.

Want to add a touch of color into the mix? Try going for darker solids like navy, olive, and deep reds. Do yourself a serious favor and get a bag that screams style and super comfort.

My top places to look for a modern man bags: Jack Spade, Coach, Rag and Bone, Burberry, and John Varvatos.

Check out one of my most favorite man bag:

Billykirk Bags For Men Nazmiyal

Billykirk Bags – Fashionable Purses and Bags for Men

This fashion blog about Man Bags by Burberry, Gucci, BillyKirk, and John Varvatos was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs located in the heart of Manhattan New York City NY.

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