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Gold Kate Moss Statue by Marc Quinn

A Gold Statute by Marc Quinn of Kate Moss

Gold Kate Moss Sculpture by Artist Marc Quinn – Kate Moss is easily one of the most recognizable faces in the world of fashion notoriously known for her ultra thin body frame and heroin chic modeling looks. Not only is she a major fashion model and muse to many a designer, but artists such as sculptor, Marc Quinn, has taken idolizing Kate Moss a step further.

One of his recent works entitled Microcosms (Siren) depicts the supermodel in 18 carat gold obscurely position in a yoga pose. This golden effigy screams all kinds of old-world deity worship and wreaks of cheap class at a not-so-cheap price tag.

Kate Moss and Her Gold Statue posted by Nazmiyal

Kate Moss and Her Gold Statue

Sotheby’s recently sold the piece for a reported $900,000! Has Sotheby’s completely lost its mind to even hold such a tasteless work of art in its little vaults? Not to mention, the buyer whom I would seriously like to shake hands with because let’s be serious, a sculpture of “Kate Moss” contorted in a yoga pose bordering on the risque side showing off her goodies being bought for almost a million dollars is a little nuts.

Actually, it’s absolutely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

Gold Statue Of Kate Moss posted by Nazmiyal

Gold Statue Of Kate Moss titled “Microcosms” (Sirens) by Artist Marc Quinn

Maybe it’s just me,  but this little golden idol has completely left me at a loss for words (other than the ones in this post). I’m a little concerned with where the world of art is leading from Damian Hirst’s For the Love of God, a human skull encrusted with over 8,000 diamonds with a hefty price tag of roughly $80 million dollars, to a work of art in the likes of Quinn’s supermodel encased in gold.

I mean, I’ve always thought that there is no other word to describe Kate Moss than statuesque (her and Julie Newmar, major chops to those who get that little reference), but this is just tacky, gaudy, and shameful. Just saying…

Gold Statue Of Kate Moss by Artist Marc Quinn Posted by Nazmiyal

Artist Marc Quinn and “Microcosms” (Sirens) – Gold Statue Of Kate Moss

This art blog post about The Gold Sculpture Of Kate Moss by Artist Marc Quinn was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City, NY.

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