Men’s Winter Fashion Trends and Looks

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends – Winter Tartan!

With winter here as we brave the month of December, fashion trend alerts all ring for tartan plaid this season. Tartan plaid made a shocking comeback over the past two fall / winter seasons, but with 2012 coming into view, this winter season tartan plaid is grabbing some serious attention from major labels and trendsetting fashionistas alike.

No longer is the staple of plaid just about the lumberjack or Brooklyn hipster nor is tartan plaid solely exclusive for Scotsmen and their kilts, but it is here to truly define that trendy chic style this season.

Vivienne Westwood Men's Winter Fashion Trends and Looks - Nazmiyal

Vivienne Westwood Men’s Winter Fashion Trends

We all know and have seen the emergence of plaid over the last couple of years for summer / spring as well as fall / winter. Though, what sets tartan plaid apart from the existing buffalo plaid or flannel checks, is its tradition and sense of class.

BillTornade's Men's Winter Fashion Looks 2011 - Nazmiyal

Bill Tornade’s Men’s Winter Fashion Looks 2011

Tartan plaid has been around from the eras of kilts and bagpipers with classic color palettes of reds, blacks, greens, and blues. With its emergence into the spotlight, designers are adding a twist on the traditional look with bold colors and unconventional silhouettes.

Whether you’re embodying your favorite Braveheart character, Mary, Queen of Scots, or looking for a dressier solution to the relentless slew of plaid for nights out or the office, tartan plaid is a must.

Adding a splash of it in your undershirt makes for a tame trendy look, but for the serious fashion-forwarder, a full tartan plaid suit will have everyone turning heads and following in your footsteps faster than you can say “Oh, Danny Boy”.

Check out our men’s winter fashion looks and trends here:

Men's Winter Fashion Looks - Givenchy Kanye Plaid Shirt - Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Fashion Looks – Givenchy Kanye Plaid Shirt

Men's Winter Fashion - H&M Blazer - Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Fashion – H&M Blazer

Men’s Fashion Tips For Winter Accessories

The time has come to dust off that derby hat, fedora, or bowler as we head into the months of flaky white precipitation that shall remain nameless. Yes, gentlemen, with winter rounding the river bend, fashion is all about accessories for the cold seasons of parkas, fur-lined boots, and gloves galore.

Scarves and furry hats mean business this season not only to keep you from suffering from acute frostbite, but also to show off that trendy fashionisto deep inside.

Winter Accessories and Fashion Tips for Men by Nazmiyal

Winter Accessories – Fashion Tips for Men

What are some of the most iconic men’s winter fashion trends of all time?

Men’s winter fashion trends have evolved over the years, with some enduring styles becoming iconic in the world of men’s winter wear.

Here are some of the most iconic men’s winter fashion trends of all time:

  • Trench Coats: The classic trench coat, with its double-breasted design and belted waist, has been a staple of men’s winter fashion for decades. It offers both style and functionality with its ability to repel rain and cold weather.
  • Pea Coats: Pea coats are short, heavy wool coats that have their origins in naval wear. They have a timeless and versatile look, making them a popular choice for winter outerwear.
  • Overcoats: Overcoats, often made from wool or cashmere, are known for their sophistication and warmth. They come in various lengths, from knee-length to full-length, and are suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
  • Parkas: Parkas are a go-to choice for extreme cold weather. Their insulated lining, fur-trimmed hoods, and utilitarian design make them both practical and stylish for winter.
  • Chunky Knit Sweaters: Chunky knit sweaters provide warmth and comfort while adding texture and style to winter outfits. They can be worn casually or dressed up with layering.
  • Scarves: Scarves are a must-have winter accessory. Whether it’s a classic wool scarf or a stylish cashmere wrap, they add warmth and a pop of style to any outfit.
  • Beanies and Winter Hats: A warm hat is essential for keeping the head warm during winter. Beanies, trapper hats, and fedoras are all popular choices for different winter looks.
  • Leather Gloves: Leather gloves not only keep your hands warm but also add a touch of sophistication to winter attire.
  • Boots: Winter boots come in various styles, from classic leather boots to rugged work boots and stylish Chelsea boots. They offer both warmth and protection from the elements.
  • Layering: Layering is a timeless technique in men’s winter fashion. Combining sweaters, shirts, vests, and outerwear not only provides insulation but also allows for versatile and stylish outfits.
  • Dark Denim: Dark-colored denim jeans are a versatile choice for winter. They can be dressed up or down and provide warmth when paired with appropriate layers.
  • Shearling Jackets: Shearling jackets and coats, which feature a warm, furry lining, are known for their luxurious look and exceptional cold-weather insulation.
  • Cable Knit Cardigans: Cable knit cardigans add a touch of preppy style to winter wardrobes and are perfect for layering over shirts and under outerwear.

These iconic men’s winter fashion trends have stood the test of time and continue to be popular choices for staying stylish and warm during the colder months. Fashion trends may evolve, but these classic pieces remain a part of every well-dressed man’s winter wardrobe.

How to look fashionable in winter men?

Looking fashionable in winter as a man involves combining style with functionality to stay warm while still making a statement.

Here are some tips to help you men achieve a fashionable winter look:

  • Invest in Quality Outerwear:
    • Start with a stylish and well-fitted winter coat or jacket. Classics like trench coats, pea coats, overcoats, and parkas are timeless choices.
  • Layering is Key:
    • Layering not only adds warmth but also depth to your outfit. Combine different textures and materials for a visually appealing look.
    • Start with a base layer (thermal or long-sleeve shirt) and add items like sweaters, cardigans, vests, and blazers. Finish with a stylish coat or jacket.
  • Choose Stylish Sweaters:
    • Opt for chunky knit sweaters, cable-knit styles, or turtleneck sweaters. These pieces are both fashionable and warm.
  • Accessorize Thoughtfully:
    • Add accessories like scarves, beanies, gloves, and stylish winter hats to enhance your outfit and keep you warm.
    • Experiment with different scarf knots for a unique touch.
  • Select the Right Pants:
    • Dark-colored jeans or wool trousers are great choices for winter. They are versatile and pair well with various outfits.
    • Consider thermal or lined pants for added warmth in extremely cold climates.
  • Footwear Matters:
    • Invest in quality winter boots that are both stylish and functional. Chelsea boots, hiking boots, and leather lace-up boots are popular options.
    • Make sure your boots are waterproof and insulated for maximum comfort.
  • Choose Warm Fabrics:
    • Opt for winter fabrics like wool, cashmere, flannel, and shearling. These materials provide insulation without sacrificing style.
  • Tailoring and Fit:
    • Ensure that your clothing fits well. Tailoring your winter garments, such as coats and suits, can make a significant difference in your overall look.
  • Add a Statement Piece:
    • Consider incorporating a statement piece into your outfit, such as a unique scarf, patterned socks, or a colorful beanie. This can add personality to your look.
  • Experiment with Colors and Patterns:
    • Don’t shy away from colors during the winter. Earth tones, deep blues, and dark greens work well, but don’t be afraid to add pops of color.
    • Experiment with subtle patterns like plaid or houndstooth in your clothing.
  • Grooming Matters:
    • Maintain well-groomed hair and facial hair. A neat appearance can elevate your overall style.
  • Weather-Appropriate Accessories:
    • If you live in an area with harsh winters, invest in weather-appropriate accessories like snow boots, insulated gloves, and thermal socks.
  • Confidence is Key:
    • Ultimately, confidence is what makes any outfit fashionable. Wear your winter attire with confidence, and you’ll look stylish no matter what you choose.

Remember that fashion is a form of self-expression, so feel free to adapt these tips to your personal style and preferences. The key is to strike a balance between staying warm and looking stylish during the winter months.

Here is our survival guide for Men’s winter accessories:

Winter Hats for Men:

We need ’em to keep our little ears warm and our head dry from the cold and wet “stuff” that falls from the sky. Beanies are a total must this season for an easy casual look when braving the cold. Simplicity is key here with the winter hat. Leave the ear flaps, fuzzy ball, and “christmas sweater” print at bay when donning a staple solid color or striped beanie.

Men's Winter Accessories - Hat and Scarf Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Accessories – Hat and Scarf

For more of a classic and dressier look, try a wool fedora equipped with band and feather to really spark some trendsetting. Hats come in all shapes and sizes – fedora, bowler, derby, paperboy, gatsby, homburg, porkpie, trillby, and the list goes on. Keep trying different shapes and sizes on until you look fly in your headgear.

Men's Winter Fashion - Stingy Fedora - Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Fashion – Stingy Fedora

Last but not least, furry hats are so in this season that all of Russia (which may or may not be seen out of the backyard of a certain politician) will be turning its head in pure admiration and pride. Furry hats may look a little off but make a serious statement. Not to mention, they keep you oh-so-warm and toasty!

Men's Fur Hats Winter Accessories - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fur Hats Winter Accessories

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends: Scarves

The scarf has trickled down into every season and is no longer a staple for winter with summer scarves, ascots, pashmina, etc. Though, nothing keeps you from being a frozen corpse whilst hailing a cab like a nice thick scarf. Wool, cashmere, or wool-cashmere blend  offer classic pieces that will keep that neck and chest free from the frostbite.

Men's Winter Fashion Trends - Winter Scarves - Namizyal

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends – Winter Scarves

Try oversized scarves to show off your true stylish self or perhaps rock a snood (combination scarf and hood) this season.

Men's Winter Scarf / Hat Fashion Trends - Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Scarf / Hat Fashion Trends

Men's Winter Fashion Accessories - Gloves and Scarf - Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Fashion Accessories – Gloves and Scarf

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends: Gloves

What better way to combat the cold than with a good pair of gloves? Gloves are an essential for the cold drafts and icy nights keeping those digits intact. Leather gloves are always the right way to go. Try switching up to color this season with bold choices such as burnt tan, scarlet red, and jet blue.

Men's Leather gloves Winter Accessories - Namziyal

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends: Gloves

Nothing makes a person more grumpy in the winter than the inability to feel one’s fingers.

Men's Theory Fingerless Merino Gloves For Winter - Nazmiyal

Men’s Theory Fingerless Merino Gloves For Winter

Winter Fashion Tips For Men by Nazmiyal

Leather Gloves – Winter Fashion Tips For Men

So, there you have it. Go out a get yourself some quality accessories for the winter season to stay stylish and keep that bod super warm. Happy hunting!

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends: Coats

Searching for the perfect statement coat or jacket this winter? Look no further! This upcoming season’s hottest trend (aside from boots) is all about the winter coat. Gentlemen, the time has come to show off that true shining personality and to embrace your fashionisto self.

Men's Fashion Winter Coats - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fashion Winter Coats

Winter coats are splashing across the streets and stores in full gear for imminent months of cool crispness that are to come within the next few months.

Winter Fashion Tips, Men's Military Coat - Nazmiyal

Winter Fashion Tips: Men’s Military Coat

Some of this season’s hottest designers are sticking to the ever popular military inspired British fashion invasion. Military coats fully equipped with epaulets, bold brass buttons, military bands and stripes, and neutral colors are blasting off with full force.

These beauties will have you double barrel saluting your shorts off. Nothing draws attention like a fierce coat with beautiful military inspired detailing. There is something quite clean, crisp and alluring about these jackets, whether it be their classic details or beautiful tailoring.

Ann Demeulemeester Wool Men's Winter Coat Fashion - Nazmiyal

Ann Demeulemeester Wool Men’s Winter Coat Fashion

Another hot fashion trend for the season of “Chrismahanukwanzakuh” is asymmetry. I, myself, am all about asymmetrical lines, details, hems, etc. You could put an asymmetrical anything on a garment, and I would run, kick, and beat people to snatch that puppy up.

Asymmetry is hot this season because it’s different, unconventional, and fully paving a new trend for men’s fashion. The unique design of asymmetrical coats sets the wearer apart from the masses of typical black pea coats.

Men's Fall or Winter Camel Coat Fashion - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fall or Winter Camel Coat Fashion

Lastly, camel is super hot this season raging across the runway straight to your closet. Camel and neutral tones are so classic and timeless, that any man who dons a beige tone means business. I’m equating the rise of the camel coloring to women who wear white coats in the winter. You see the white coat and ask yourself how one could wear such a color in the dreary mass of sleet and snow, yet, you can’t stop staring.

Why? The fact of the matter is the white coat is timeless, and its pristine self is almost surreal amid the muddle of grey slush and yellow-stained snow. Camel has the same effect for men. The color makes you wonder, but you can’t keep your eyes of that stylish fellow. Camel, it’s here. It’s so in this year.

Check out some of our favorite coats for men’s winter fashion trends here:

Mens Winter Coats Fashion - Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Coats Fashion

Men's Plaid Winter Coats Fashion - Nazmiyal

Men’s Plaid Winter Coats Fashion

Men's Winter Fashion Trends - Coats - Nazmiyal

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends: Coats

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends in Trench Coats

Men’s Fashion Trends in Winter Trench Coats – This week in New York has made a major comeback in terms of seasonal weather changes reverting from the mini snow blizzard we had over Halloween weekend to beautiful temps in the mid 60’s. With this glorious string of climate changes, makes one need to reassess the wardrobe especially in terms of outerwear.

Stylish pickings for these days is all about the trench coat.

Men's Fashion Trends Trench Coats - Nazmiyal

Trends in men’s Fashion -Trench Coats

The trench coat is the epitome of classic staple men’s fashion that has withstood the test of time. Owning a trench makes for an easy grab-and-go for slightly chilly weather and protects against minor gusts of breezy wind and the occasional water trickling from cumulus nimbus clouds i.e, rain.

Trench coats have always popped up in the cooler seasons of fall and spring fashions, but this year, more and more designers are showing the trench some love with modern twists.

Men's Fashion - Burberry Trench Coasts Nazmiyal

Men’s Fashion – Burberry Trench Coasts

Whether you are sporting a timeless trench popularized by the likes of Burberry or grabbing an asymmetrical take on the classic piece, a trench coat is a definite must for those foggy and drizzly mornings. Try spicing the trench up either through its design with an oversized collar, differing color options, or through added embellishments such as extra zippers, asymmetry, or military-inspired looks.

The mac coat (as some trenches are referred to) comes in an array of styling options with hidden buttons, dual zippers, and belted looks. When the going gets tough and the sky becomes gray, get yourself a trench. The trench is the only option!

Here are is our favorite winter Men’s trench coat look:

Men’s Fashion – Burberry Men's Bonded Cotton Twill Trench Coat - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fashion – Burberry Men’s Bonded Cotton Twill Trench Coat

Trench Coats Mens fashion - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fashion – Trench Coats

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at this post about about the new Jason Wu line for Target, or this post about Modern Fashion Trends!

Trends In Men’s Fall and Winter Fashion Blazers

The time has come the Walrus said, and that time would be to start planning ahead for your fall fashion fixings. The summer in NYC has been great to us, New York’ers, so far, but with August sadly coming just around the river bend, there is some serious reshuffling of fashion to be done.

Men's Fashion Blazers For Fall Nazmniiyal

Men’s Fashion Blazers For Fall

Soon, gentlemen, you will be retiring those cutoff shorts, tucking away those tanks, and pairing down those linen pants. However upsetting this may sound, (I know I, personally, am doing some serious inner crying) we must make sure the modern day man is ready for the fall.

Men's Fashion Fall Blazers - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fashion – Fall Blazers

The beginning of the fall is always a strange transition for fashion where one is often bogged down by the FAQ’s of Fashion: Can white be worn after Labor Day? How long into the season can I still wear shorts? Do I really have to wear socks with my shoes again? Are boat shoes still appropriate? Listen right hurr, ya’ll, fashion does not have rules, it does not dictate who you are. You, my masculine friend, must own your style and show those clothes who’s boss! That being said, you must be sensible! As in, why on earth would you wear white pants in the middle of a haboob? (Look it up.)

Men’s Fashion Suits With Blazers - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fashion: Suits With Blazers

One word, Blazer. Done. That’s all. Fin. The blazer is the perfect transitional statement piece from summer to autumn because “it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” Seriously though, save the fall jacket for later in the season and don a blazer in the meantime. Not only are they extremely versatile for turning day looks into night looks, but what man doesn’t look good in a blazer?

Here are my three tips for choosing the perfect Men’s fall and winter fashion blazers:

1. Men’s Fashion Blazers: Ferragamo Double Breasted Blazer

Yes, it is back and badder than ever. This coming season you can expect to seem some serious buttoning action. The double-breasted blazer has been a staple in male suiting but took a bit of a hiatus until recently. The look is ubber masculine and creates a much more boxy silhouette. Double-breasted blazers also draw some severe attention to the torso.  So, my recommendation, if you are tall and lanky, go out and get yourself one of these bad boys. Short and stout? Wearing a double-breasted blazer will make you look like Danny Devito (and that is not a good thing).

Men's Fashion Ferragamo Double Breasted Blazer

Men’s Fashion: Ferragamo Double Breasted Blazer

2. Men’s Fashion Blazers: Maison Martin Margiela, Shawl Collar

The shawl collar started to make a bit of a comeback several seasons ago showing up in men’s cardigans and knitware. The rise of the shawl collar started becoming more prevalent last season in what seemed like 1 out of 3 pieces of men’s sweaters, which then trickled down to autumnal and winter jackets, and then, undoubtedly showed up in men’s suiting. The shawl collar is my personal favorite look this season. It offers something different, something new to typical men’s tailored pieces. Not to mention, these guys showcase the neck and neckline. (If you are at all like me, I have a serious addiction to showcasing my neck. Hence, why I never wear crewnecks, turtlenecks, or high-collared pieces). The shawl collar says serious fashion. Want to be a trendsetter in the office? Get yo’ self a shawl collar.

Maison Martin Margiela, Shawl Collar Mens Fashion Blazer - Nazmiyal

Maison Martin Margiela, Shawl Collar Mens Fashion Blazer

3. Men’s Fashion Blazers: Cavalli, Peak Narrow Lapel Blazer

Here’s the skinny: the thinner the lapel, the skinnier you look, gentlemen. Men’s tailoring has undergone some serious plastic surgery over the years. Suits became skinnier and skinnier which included everything from the pant to the waistline to the details. A skinny suit is not necessarily for everyone. It looks great on those… who… are… well ya’know… skinnier. However, the skinny lapel on a suit works for everyone. Since, the lapel is thinner, it takes away any excess bulk and really draws a narrow line down your torso straight to the point of a fastened button. Want something modern and chic? Get the skinny.

Men's Fashion: Cavalli, Peak Narrow Lapel Blazer - Nazmiyal

Men’s Fashion: Cavalli, Peak Narrow Lapel Blazer

This fashion blog post about Men’s Winter Fashion Trends was published by Nazmiyal rugs located in the heart of Manhattan New York City.

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