Men’s Winter Fashion Trends and Looks

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends – Winter Tartan!

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends – With winter here as we brave the month of December, fashion trend alerts all ring for tartan plaid this season. Tartan plaid made a shocking comeback over the past two fall / winter seasons, but with 2012 coming into view, this winter season tartan plaid is grabbing some serious attention from major labels and trendsetting fashionistas alike.

No longer is the staple of plaid just about the lumberjack or Brooklyn hipster nor is tartan plaid solely exclusive for Scotsmen and their kilts, but it is here to truly define that trendy chic style this season.

Vivienne Westwood Men's Winter Fashion Trends and Looks - Nazmiyal
Vivienne Westwood Men’s Winter Fashion Looks

We all know and have seen the emergence of plaid over the last couple of years for summer / spring as well as fall / winter. Though, what sets tartan plaid apart from the existing buffalo plaid or flannel checks, is its tradition and sense of class.

BillTornade's Men's Winter Fashion Looks 2011 - Nazmiyal
BillTornade’s Men’s Winter Fashion Looks 2011

Tartan plaid has been around from the eras of kilts and bagpipers with classic color palettes of reds, blacks, greens, and blues. With its emergence into the spotlight, designers are adding a twist on the traditional look with bold colors and unconventional silhouettes.

Women's Tartan Plain Fall / Winter Fashion Looks - Nazmiyal
Women’s Tartan Plain Fall / Winter Fashion Looks

Whether you’re embodying your favorite Braveheart character, Mary, Queen of Scots, or looking for a dressier solution to the relentless slew of plaid for nights out or the office, tartan plaid is a must.

Adding a splash of it in your undershirt makes for a tame trendy look, but for the serious fashion-forwarder, a full tartan plaid suit will have everyone turning heads and following in your footsteps faster than you can say “Oh, Danny Boy”.

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