Beautiful Casual Elegant Antique Persian Sultanabad Jewel Tone Rug 72084


Size: 12 ft 1 in x 13 ft 10 in (3.68 m x 4.22 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Exciting And Beautiful Antique Persian Sultanabad Jewel Tone Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 – The antique Persian Sultanabad rugs are some of the most iconic of all the antique Persian rugs. Just looking at this piece it is easy to envision it gracing the floors of some important historical palatial interior. These antique rugs, at least the ones as captivating as this one, are truly timeless in every sense of the word.

This magnificent antique Persian Sultanabad rug is truly marvelous with it’s happy jewel tone rug colors sparkling like gems in the light. Its stunning large scale allover rug design is characterized by bold colors, primitive patterns, great use of negative space and brilliant artistry. This is the kind of beautiful antique carpet which exhibits an authentic royal aura that will inspire generations to come.

The central field of this square shape area rug is a rich navy blue color background with a facinating array of tribal and harshang crab design ornamentation. Various light and earthy colored emblems, which are molded into more primitive floral shapes adorn the field creating a rich pallet that is sure to spark the imagination and conjure up visions of distant lands and exotic places. Rich rusty red and baby blue decals are added throughout the fascinating fusion of primitive figures for subtle colorful artistic touches.

This navy blue antique Persian Sultanabad rug features a wide large scale design border that creates an elegant frame for the central illustrations. The widest border is a bold rust background area with graceful adornments of leaves and flowers. These vegetative patterns are saturated with unique tones of light sky blue, navy blue and sandy beige. Two thin lighter colored background strands, which are saturated with hues of burgundy and sky blue, flank each side of this main border for a delightfully exquisite touch.

This stunning casual elegant rug exudes a charm that is rarely matched. Its primitive yet classy artistry displays both sophisticated grace and organic beauty. This is one of those truly beautiful area rugs that features masterful renderings and design elements that work together in a soothingly harmonious fashion. The central field displays a design that is both balanced and spontaneous, creating a masterpiece that is fascinating in every detail.

When looking for rugs to buy for the home, finding such pieces is quite exciting. This is because of the fact that area rugs like this are becoming increasingly more difficult to find – especially in good condition. It almost goes without saying that this is large navy blue antique Persian Sultanabad rug, when viewed up close and in person, is sure to take your breath away. It is the kind of exciting antique Persian rug that is sure to add a feel of antique authenticity and complex sophisticated beauty to any interior decor.

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