Rustic Tribal Navy Blue Background Antique Allover Persian Heriz Rug 72100

Size: 6 ft 4 in x 9 ft (1.93 m x 2.74 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Rustic Beautiful Navy Blue Background Antique Allover Design Tribal Persian Heriz Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1920 – The antique tribal geometric Persian Heriz Serapi and even Bakshaish rugs are some of the most timeless and most recognizable of all the beautifully exotic Persian rugs. The truly iconic antique area rugs have been the top choice of the best home decorators and rug connoisseurs for decades.

Not only is it rare to find antique Persian Heriz rugs in this general 6 x 9 area rug size, it is also quite unusual to find them with allover rug patterns like we see here. This specific Persian Heriz rug features a classic blue rug color background and uses lighter blues and rusts as secondary accent colors. This darker blue background is the perfect color palette to enhance the more rustic colors of the tribal patterns in the field. Surrounding the blue field we see an usually wide and beautifully patterned tribal border the more rustic red color background. This play of colors between the field and border creates a captivatingly facinating artistic flow that speaks volumes about the highly skilled weaver who created this magnificent Heriz rug.

Rustic rugs such as this Persian Heriz are quite versatile and tend to work well in a wide range of interior design styles and approaches. One could easily incorporate Oriental rugs like this in interior designs that are more modern just as easily as one could place these rugs in rooms that are more rustic or traditional. People who love the classic Heriz and Persian Serapi rugs would be excited to come across such a great example as this.

Area rugs like this, are exiting finds. When shopping for area rugs to buy for the home, those people who love the more tribal area rugs would be hard pressed to find a more pleasing example than this captivating antique rustic blue Persian Heriz rug.

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