Extremely Fine And Intricate Early Silk Antique Indian Mughal Area Rug 71755

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Size: 4 ft 1 in x 6 ft 2 in (1.24 m x 1.88 m)
Origin: India Rugs

A Captivatingly Gorgeous Silk Antique Animal Design Indian Mughal Area Rug, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: 18th Century – The iconic antique Mughal rugs from India are truly captivating artistic relics. These magnificent antiques rugs, from the 18th century, were inspired by Persian rugs and their patterns, looks and feels are based on the 17th century rugs like those carpets from Isfahan. This particular 18th century rug was woven in India and is a truly remarkable example of the magnificent creations from that time.

The handcrafted silk area rugs like this one are exciting finds. These extremally fine area rugs have a luminosity that makes them shimmer and sparkle in the light and gives these rugs a truly high-end luxurious look and feel that is rarely matched.

The red color background provides a rich background for the other more floral design elements to pop. The red field is encapsulated by a fabulously rendered green background main border. This rare and fabulous green colored border is then flanked by two beautifully floral guard borders in cream and soft coral. This creates a truly beautifully balanced feel that is quite complete.

As we inspect the 18th century silk Mughal rug further, we see that there are lots of different animals prancing around happily. While many animal motif area rugs will feature hunting scenes where the animals are either hunting each other or are being hunted by people. But here, all the animals are co-existing peacefully, each in its own specific area. This ads a wonderful feel of innocence that is further supported by the free flowing floral area rug designs.

Area rugs that are this early are quickly becoming more difficult to locate – especially on the regular “open” market. That is why these early area rugs have become some of the most collectable rugs. Those people who are buying area rugs for their home or to enhance their collection, and want one of the very best area rugs, will be hard-pressed to find a more exciting piece than this extremely fine and intricate silk antique Indian Mughal rug.

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