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Antique Rugs Masterpieces from Nazmiyal Collection – Ever wonder what would be considered a masterpiece?¬†Within the world of art and antiques the term ‘masterpiece’ has become synonymous with works of the first rank or tier, those made by the greatest and most renowned artists of their day, works which set a new standard of excellence, quality, and creative innovation.

In the world of carpet design, masterpieces in Persian rugs are those pieces whose designs are the most refined, exquisite, and faithful to classical standards, those who weave is most expert, and those whose wool and color are most exceptional. Often such carpets have been woven within the atelier or workshop of an acknowledged master whose signature or ‘cartouche’ appears on the carpet itself.

While all our antique carpets are special or exceptional in some way, Nazmiyal has also striven to acquire a substantial collection of acknowledged masterpieces of this kind, which ultimately exist on a level all their own as historic creations. In establishing this category within our collection and here on our website, we invite you to experience that special status or rank that only time and discriminating taste can confer.

Once you have seen a true masterpiece you will understand why many people from all over the world collect these beautiful works of art!

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