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Antique Rug Masterpieces from Nazmiyal Collection – Ever wonder what would be considered a masterpiece?¬†Within the world of art and antiques the term ‘masterpiece’ has become synonymous with works of the first rank or tier, those made by the greatest and most renowned artists of their day, works which set a new standard of excellence, quality, and creative innovation.

In the world of carpet design, masterpieces in Persian rugs are those pieces whose designs are the most refined, exquisite, and faithful to classical standards, those who weave is most expert, and those whose wool and color are most exceptional. Often such carpets have been woven within the atelier or workshop of an acknowledged master whose signature or ‘cartouche’ appears on the carpet itself.

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While all our antique carpets are special or exceptional in some way, Nazmiyal has also strived to acquire a substantial collection of acknowledged masterpieces of this kind, which ultimately exist on a level all their own as historic creations. In establishing this category within our collection and here on our website, we invite you to experience that special status or rank that only time and discriminating taste can confer.

Examples from Our Masterpiece Collection

Nazmiyal’s Masterpiece Collection includes rugs that for one reason or another have a special “something” that almost touches the divine. They are pieces that arouse the senses with their beauty, whether it is their level of detail, breathtaking colors, or a design that seems to come together in a way that seems to transcend the physical realm. Some of them are from world-renowned masters or rugs that are excellent examples from a certain time and place in history.

The pieces chosen for this special category have a highly collectible value. They are also exquisite pieces for the interior designer and are suitable for a range of classical and contemporary room designs. Here are a few examples of pieces that you might find in our Masterpiece Collection.

Master Rug Artists

Throughout the centuries the works of certain rug designers have stood out for their high level of detail, gorgeous color combinations, and combination of these elements that just seem to work well together. Most of these masterpieces have a high knot count and stunning detail. Many of them were produced in workshops by highly-trained weavers who worked under the direction of the master artist.

Rugs that fall into this category often took a year or more to complete with a dedicated team of weavers working full-time. They are just as much of a masterpiece as any other piece of fine artwork such as painting or sculpture. Masters in these collections include the works of Haji Jalili, Hadji Mollah Mohammed Hassan Mohtashem, and others. In this collection, you will also find compositions from artists from the late 1800s through contemporary ones, such as the French artist, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann.

Rare Designs and Themes

Many of the rugs in this collection include those with rare themes such as animal designs, vase rugs, hunting scene rugs, and pomegranate rugs. You can find examples of Safavid Dynasty salting rugs, Israeli rugs, Judaica, Mughal period rugs and textiles, and Suzani embroidery.

Here, you will find exceptionally fine examples of Turkish Oushak rugs, Transylvanian prayer rugs, fine silks, oversize rugs, and those with unusual and rare colors. In this collection, you will also find masterful examples of the works of many different rug weaving centers and regional examples such as Sultanabad, Kerman, Kashan, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Khotan. We have also included a few excellent tribal examples.

Historical Examples and Famous Collections

We have rugs dating back to the 17th century and many 19th century examples. These include pieces from the classic Persian rug revival of the late 19th century, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Abstract Expressionist, Midcentury Modern, and Scandinavian design movements. You can find rare pieces such as those from private collections, such as the William A. Clark Collection, James Ballard Collection, and William Morris Collection.

Many of the rugs in the Masterpiece Collection are connoisseur or museum quality rugs. They are appropriate for galleries and public collections or for inclusion in a private estate. All of them have qualities that make them stand out as exceptional.

We welcome you to explore this extraordinary collection of fine rugs. If you see any that interest you, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff with any questions that you might have about these exquisite rugs.

Once you have seen a true masterpiece you will understand why many people from all over the world collect these beautiful works of art!

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