California Chic Decor Style and Rugs

Incorporating Rug In California Chic Interior Decor Style

California is synonymous with style. A good number of the decor and fashion trends that you see, started out on the West Coast and it’s no surprise why. The golden state, indeed, maintains the golden standard for living beautifully. Perhaps that’s why the so called California Chic decor style has emerged as a popular aesthetic far beyond the confines of the state. This home decorating style invokes a sense of openness and relaxation with light and bright hues.

California Chic Decor Style by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

California Chic Decor Style

The result is an inviting look that feels luxurious but never excessive. One of the key elements in nailing the California decorating style is choosing the perfect rug. Nazmiyal Rugs offers an impressive selection of modern rugs as well as antique rugs that can put the finishing touch on your home’s California chic interior design scheme.

What is the California Chic interior design style exactly?

The California chic interior design style includes the aforementioned hallmark of bright, inviting design, but it’s so much more than that. This home decorating style draws inspiration from the quintessential California experience, including elements like the following:

  • Beach living with sand and ocean hues.
  • Bright pops of color inspired by sunny days.
  • Calming space designed for relaxation and rest.

These characteristics define the California Chic look and highlight the ideology at its core: rooms are for relaxation, decor mimics natural elements and light is always integrated into a space.

Chic California Interior With Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Chic California Interior With Moroccan Rugs

These ideas define California Chic and make it such an immediately recognizable look. The next time you find yourself in a light, airy space that features natural hues and inviting design, you’re likely seeing inspiration from the California Chic movement of decor.

Incorporating Antique Rugs In California Chic Home Decors

Yet another element of California Chic design is its inclusion of vintage and antique elements. Heritage and history are a core component and source of inspiration for California Chic, and nothing reflects history like a curated antique piece that highlights the rest of your decor. This is why antique and vintage rugs are such an asset.

Relaxed California Interior Design By Sue Firestone Of SFA Interiors With A Persian Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Relaxed California Interior Design By Sue Firestone Of SFA Interiors With A Persian Rug

Antique rugs are typically at least 100 years old. An antique piece, like one from our beautiful selection of Persian rugs or Turkish rugs, can bring together all the elements of a room a create a cohesive, curated look. Both Turkish and Persian rug weavers focused on craftsmanship and color to make incredibly high quality and striking rugs.

Whether you choose a rug from Persia or elsewhere, opting for an antique rug in your home decor ensures you’ll have a conversation piece built into your decor. Antique rugs come with rich history and beautiful designs that complement California Chic perfectly. If you want a story to accompany your style, find an antique rug!

Here Are Some Antique Rugs Style That People Like To Use In Their California Chic Interiors:

California Chic Decor With Modern Rugs

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find modern rugs such as those made in Morocco or Persia. Like antique rugs, these styles can bring an element of distinction to a room, but unlike antique rugs, they are typically new and recently manufactured — but this doesn’t make them any less appealing for a California Chic aesthetic.

California Chic Interior Designed Nursery by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

California Chic Interior Designed Nursery

Our collection of modern area rugs tend to feature more abstract designs and brighter colors. So if you’re looking for a fun contrast to the natural hues found throughout the rest of your room, a modern rug might be the way to go.

Here Are Some Great Modern Rug Options For Your California Chic Home Design:

These area rug collections offer a wide variety of looks to choose from, and the neutrality of a California Chic design scheme means that it can accommodate almost any rug — so choose one that suits your style and complements the breezy style you’re staging.

Vintage Rugs For California Chic Interiors

Like antique rugs, many vintage rugs come with a story, but they’re not quite as aged as their antique counterparts. While a rug must usually be at least 100 years old to pass as antique, vintage rugs are typically at least 40 years old. If you want a happy medium between antique and modern, vintage is it.

California Chic Decor With A Vintage Shabby Chic Area Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

California Chic Decor With A Vintage Shabby Chic Area Rug

Vintage rugs are the perfect complement to a California Chic design scheme because they offer an air of elegance. California Chic is all about balancing elegance with easy style, and a vintage rug offers the touch of class you need to pull everything together.

Some of the benefits of a vintage rug include:

  • Vintage rugs are typically already faded.
  • They are made to endure significant traffic.
  • Each design is likely to be one of a kind.

A vintage California Chic rug is one of the best investments you can make in your home’s style. Choose a design that is simple and bright to pull together the perfect Californian vibe.

The Most Coveted Vintage Rugs For California Chic Interiors Tend To Be:

  1. Vintage Moroccan Rugs
  2. Vintage Scandinavian Rugs
  3. Vintage Rya Rugs

Chic California Style – Bringing it All Together

Rugs do tie the room together and they will help create a cohesive look for your California Chic home. At the end of the day, the California Chic home decorating esthetic is all about creating a bright and inviting space, and the right rug does exactly that. Whether you opt for a vintage, antique or modern look, the right style rug will bring everything together.

If your whole home is adorned in the Chic California interior style, consider a selection of hand made area rugs for every room. Mixing and matching similar styles can create a fun effect that offers interesting contrast while still maintaining a consistent structure. Selecting different Oriental rugs, for example, is a great way to create variation without departing from your design scheme.

At the end of the day, you want to create a sense of cohesion that unites each room and emphasizes the California Chic style of your home’s decor. A great way to do this is to shop and buy an area rug first and then base the rest of your decor around the rug. Build from the bottom up for a defined and stylish look.

Consider Incorporating Any Of These Rugs In Your California Chic Home Decor:

Ivory Antique Turkish Oushak Area Rug 70883 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Ivory Antique Turkish Oushak Area Rug 70883

Vintage Scandinavian Kilim Rug 49536 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Vintage Scandinavian Kilim Rug 49536

This interior design blog that talks about the California Chic Decor Style and which rugs to incorporate in your home was published by Nazmiyal Rug Gallery in NYC.

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