Sun Fading Rugs – Can Sunlight Damage Carpets?

How To Protect Your Antique Carpets and Rugs from Sun Fading

Why does sunlight fade the colors?

Sunlight fades colors primarily due to a process called photodegradation, which involves the breaking down of molecules in materials exposed to light, particularly ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This process is responsible for the fading of colors in various objects, including textiles, fabrics, paintings, and even plastics.

Here’s how photodegradation, works:

  • UV Radiation: Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation with higher energy than visible light. UV radiation is capable of breaking chemical bonds in molecules.
  • Absorption of Energy: When UV light hits colored objects, the energy from the UV photons is absorbed by the molecules that make up the colors. This absorbed energy causes the molecules to become more energetic and sometimes unstable.
  • Chemical Changes: The absorbed energy can lead to chemical reactions within the molecules of the colored material. These reactions can result in the alteration of the molecular structure, leading to changes in the way the material absorbs and reflects light. In the case of colored dyes and pigments, the chemical bonds that give the colors their specific hue can be weakened or broken.
  • Loss of Color Intensity: As the chemical bonds responsible for the vibrant colors weaken or break, the material loses its ability to reflect certain wavelengths of light. This results in a gradual fading of the colors, as they become less saturated and vibrant.
  • Cumulative Effect: Fading due to sunlight exposure is a cumulative process. Over time, repeated exposure to UV radiation causes more and more chemical bonds to break, leading to a noticeable loss of color intensity. This effect is particularly evident in materials that are consistently exposed to direct sunlight, such as fabrics, paintings, and other items near windows.
  • Prevention and Protection: To prevent or minimize fading due to sunlight, various strategies can be employed. These include using UV-protective coatings on windows, using window films or shades that filter out UV radiation, and using protective covers for objects exposed to sunlight. Additionally, selecting materials with UV-resistant dyes or pigments can help mitigate the effects of fading.
Sun Fading Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Sun Fading Rugs

Different materials, dyestuff and pigments can react differently to sunlight, leading to variations in fading rates and patterns. For instance, some colors, especially reds and blues, tend to fade more quickly than others. Manufacturers and conservationists take these factors into account when designing products and preserving artworks to minimize the impact of fading over time.

Learning about sun fading and area rugs

It’s a ritual at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. On the hour and half-hour, the Ardabil carpet is lit for a brief 10 minutes, so visitors to the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art can behold its splendor. The enclosed display case and lighting system in Room 42 were specially crafted to showcase the world famous 16th century Safavid carpet and to preserve its exquisite colors.

While few antique rug collectors display priceless artifacts on the floor, most do value their antique carpets and want to protect the rich colors and structure as best they can.

How to protect your rugs and carpets from fading due to light:

  1. Rotate carpets on a semiannual schedule to minimize traffic and furniture wear as well as fading from sunlight. If fading from UV rays does occur, it will be distributed in a more even, uniform manner without compromising a particular side or section.
  1. Use window coverings to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays without sacrificing style. Even sheer curtains block some direct light, especially when the width is doubled or tripled for added fullness. However, opaque curtains provide better protection. Roller shades and blackout curtains lined with Roc-lon are the most effective for blocking rays.
  1. Interior and exterior window fixtures, such as awnings, plantation shutters and European “rollo” or rollosette blinds, are also effective for managing natural light.
  1. Even artificial light from fluorescent or incandescent bulbs produces ultraviolet waves that fade textiles and natural dyes over time, as the V&A is wary of. Use lower wattage bulbs, or better yet, install protective UV filters designed for art and archival documents.
  1. Low emissivity or low-E products aren’t effective for reducing the damage caused by prolonged exposure to direct light. These products reflect thermal energy and block 10 percent of sunlight. The main function is keeping heat out. Window films designed especially for blocking ultraviolet rays are a more effective option when protecting valuable textiles, upholstered furnishings and investments. Plus, films can easily be installed on existing windows and skylights.

Turning the lights on for only 10 minutes at a time is not a reasonable practice for most home environments, but there are plenty of practical ways to limit excessive UV exposure while controlling the natural light that makes a carpet’s colors all the more beautiful in moderation.

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This rug blog about how to protect and keep the light from sun fading rugs was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in new York City.

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