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Israeli Rugs – Israel is home to a surprisingly large and well-established carpet-weaving community. Area Carpet weavers in Israel had very serious traditions that were cultural, technical and artistic. For example, the famous Marbediah workshop is named after Marvard, the Hebrew word for carpet, and the Bezalel workshop is named after the legendary designer of the Ark.

These are a few of the diverse ways that Israeli weavers and artists drew inspiration for their work. Antique Judaica rugs and Israeli rugs are full of culture, religion and artistry. They feature pictorial scenes, decorative patterns, symbols, biblical stories and inscriptions.

From famous literary scenes to decorative representations of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and abstract carpets designed by artist Yaacov Agam, Israel has a very unique and diverse carpet-weaving industry. It’s not uncommon to see King Solomon, Queen Sheba and Israel’s greatest historic figures depicted in these outstanding Israeli rugs . Over the years, antique Israeli carpets have combined abstract influences, Art Nouveau styles, Arts and Crafts devices, Persian patterns and trendy designs with their own cultural inspiration. The result is a genre of carpets that is distinctive, meaningful and highly original. These exquisite carpets don’t only tell stories through the patterns and scenes they depict. They encapsulate centuries of regional history and culture.

The most well known, collectible Israeli rugs were those woven by art students during the early part of the 20th century in the art school of Bezalel in Jerusalem. Antique Bezalel carpets are surly some of the most artistic rugs and carpets available anywhere.

History and Culture of Israeli Rugs from Bezalel Jerusalem

There is just so much to learn about antique oriental rugs! We have spent years studying. Every time we start with a type of rug, it leads us through history and politics.

One time we started with Bezalel rugs, which have been produced in Israel since the late 19th, early 20th century. This production grew out of a school in Israel by the same name.

Israeli Rugs from Bezalel Jerusalem by Nazmiyal

Israeli Rug from Bezalel Jerusalem

The history of Jewish rugs and weavers goes back to the beginning of their religion. And because of their forced exodus into the world they have given and taken from many cultures. But this true of the rug industry in general, weavers have been part of cultures that have conquered and been conquered; many have been nomadic cultures.

Maybe that is what is one the of elements that make all antique rugs so interesting; the craftsman can accept and use the designs, and techniques of others, adapting them to their own rug production.

Have you ever wondered why so many antique rugs are asymmetrical? It has a religious origin; both Judaism and Islam believe that only what god produces can be perfect.

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