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Beautiful And Eclectic Collection Of Modern Boutique Area Rugs

Introducing Our Beautifully Sophisticated Contemporary Modern Boutique Rugs

Nazmiyal’s modern boutique rugs are designed for contemporary style. The area rugs in this collection are made for the most recent style trends in interior design. They are modern and edgy, but they also have a soft, natural look about them, too. These modern rugs are neutral and have an abstract, modern design that fits well into a wide range of contemporary décor styles. They have a soft palette and are the perfect match to add drama and texture within the space. Some of them of a softer touch and will blend in beautifully to a room of neutrals.

Modern Boutique Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Boutique Rugs

Modern Boutique Rugs Offer Soft Neutrals and Texture

Gray has been a design staple for over a decade, and it continues to dominate rooms with a softer, neutral color scheme. However, gone are plain gray walls with solid gray furniture and accents. Now, it is about adding a range of different tones and lots of texture. This collection has hues ranging from light pearl to smoke and high-contrast black. Occasionally, you will find an earthy brown, copper, or other tints thrown into the mix.

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Grays have a calming effect, and the designs in our collection of modern Boutique Rugs have an organic, natural feel. Another trend that is now a staple is bringing in elements that reflect the outdoors. Colors and textures that reflect the environment, whether it is urban or the quiet countryside, have found their way into a range of modern styles. You can find them in every style from ultra-modern and industrial to Boho chic. The Swedish modern is a trend that made natural elements into the interiors, and now, this concept seems to be a part of many other styles as well.

Organic and Contemporary Modern Boutique Rugs

Some of the area rugs in the Boutique Collection evoke images of stone or concrete. Others have the appearance of aged metallic. One of the featured trends this year is using different metals and materials in the same space. Some pieces in this collection look liked aged wallpaper from days from by-gone days, giving the room a vintage feel. The colors and patterns of these pieces evoke the imagination and transform the space with their unique designs.

Color and pattern are no longer only about the walls. Rugs have become the focal point of the room, and interior designers often begin with a rug that inspires and reflects the personality of the individual. The rest of the pieces are chosen to complement the rug, allowing it to take center stage in the design. Rugs are becoming the focal point in dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and entryways. They set the tone of the room, and this collection is versatile enough to hold many possibilities.

The contemporary boutique rugs in this collection are hand woven using materials that are soft and durable. These wool rugs are made to last many years. We encourage you to browse our Boutique rug collection, and if you feel drawn to one of these contemporary and trendy designs, feel free to reach out to our staff, and we will be happy to help with all of your questions and needs.

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