Warm Cozy Modern Neutral Tribal Contemporary Large Area Rug 11680


Size: 10 ft 4 in x 15 ft 1 in (3.15 m x 4.6 m)

Charming Warm Cozy Modern Neutral Tribal Contemporary Large Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This contemporary rug uses natural colors and will give your room an instant uplift. Its tribal-inspired design is perfect for creating an organic feel in the space that is perfect for today’s modern Nordic styles, Midcentury modern, and a range of other trending interior styles. The palette is on the warm side of the spectrum and will allow you to upgrade your neutral space and make it a bit cozier. It is the perfect piece if you have been thinking that your room could use a refresh.

The pattern on this rug is reminiscent of birch bark in the dead of winter. Its soft outer white layer is peeled away to reveal the deeper texture of the Browns on its interior. This would be a beautiful piece in a room that features cream furniture and curvy natural shapes. A touch of greenery would highlight the nature-inspired feel of the design and give it an instant lift.

Sustainability is a word that has become a dominant theme in the world of fashion and interior design. It is expressed through color combinations and textures that bring the experience of being outdoors in nature to the interior space. This is the perfect piece for bringing to your home, whether it is an urban apartment in the heart of the city or a cottage in the mountains. For the nature-lover in you, it will inspire your creativity and make an excellent foundation for your home office.

The neutral colors of this rug will warm a minimalist space and it gives you options for accessories on the warm side of the spectrum. Brown and blue are a classic combination that always makes the room feel calm and serene. This piece is versatile enough to pair with a wide variety of colors to create a design that expresses your personality and is a wonderful way to bring the feeling of beautiful natural vistas to your interior.

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