Oversized Light Neutral Earthy Tribal Geometric Nomadic Modern Rug 11856

Size: 17 ft 7 in x 27 ft 3 in (5.36 m x 8.31 m)

Wonderfully Artistic Oversized Light Neutral Earthy Color Tribal Geometric Nomadic Design Modern Area Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Earth tones and natural colors continue to play an important role in our interior spaces. This gorgeous beige and brown rug has subtle warmer accents that give it the appearance of layered sandstone. The earthy feel of this area rug that was woven in Central Asia will make the perfect piece for your Eco Chic or nature inspired space.

The artist created natural shifts in color that give this soft modern area rug a gentle, calm feel. This modern rug would make the perfect addition to your coastal-style home with its feeling of shifting sand and surf. The high and low pile creates texture and a soft texture.

This artistic tribal geometric oversized area rug has a primitive design that looks as if strips of beautiful handwoven cloth have been sewn together. This gives this soft big area rug a tribal feel that is perfect for a natural Boho Chic room, or you could add a few tribal accents for a room that is a reflection of primitive cultures.

This neutral modern area rug would be beautiful in front of a beige or brown couch with throw pillows that pick up the subtle shades throughout the rug. Today’s styles demand pieces that place has both form and function. This wool rug is the perfect size for creating a functional space within an open area. Multifunctional furniture allows us to get the most from our interior spaces, and this rug is the perfect foundation for a corner of the room that serves as both an entertainment area and a home office.

The gorgeous colors of this handmade area rug add a warm feel to the space and create a cozy place for relaxing or being productive in a home office. It will complement accents made from natural materials and eco-inspired pieces. In a room filled with plants and textured textiles, this rug will create a balanced and grounded finish to the design. If your space could use a touch of nature, this rug is the perfect way to bring it into the space.

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